So long, Fantastic Four! Spidey’s Moving In!


Yet Another ASM #3

According to CBR, Peter Parker is moving into the Fantastic Four’s old base. Since the FF are now in hiding following this summer’s cinematic Fox bomb, the Baxter Building’s apparently not being used. So Spidey decides to put it to good use.

From CBR:

In “Amazing Spider-Man” #3 by Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli, Parker Industries has a new New York headquarters: The former Baxter Building, the longtime home base of the Fantastic Four. That raises even further questions bout the Fantastic Four’s status post-“Secret Wars,” along with the Thing in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and Human Torch in “Uncanny Inhumans.” And speaking of the Torch: He’s set to guest star in this issue, apparently not happy with Spidey setting up shop in his former dwellings.

Because nothing says “struggling everyman” like owning a global company and taking over a famous building in New York! But it’s still good to know that the Human Torch gets over being “the sun.” Heh. Other things we’ve learned? Spidey still has the weird glowing chest symbole & webpits.

Either way, we’ll know more when Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 4) #3 rolls our way in November.

George “I’ve Hit Critical Mass On Cynicism Before 9 AM” Berryman!

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  1. Bill

    What is the purpose of the glowing spider symbol anyway? What possible advantage would it give Spider-Man to have a green glow around his chest symbol? I think it would be more distracting than anything else. In reality its just a very, very lame attempt to make Spider-Man look all high-tech and 21st Century-ish. It would be one thing if it looked at all cool in any way, but it's just so awful, and so out of place on Spider-Man. I really wish someone who actually LIKED Spider-Man would take over the handling of his character already.

  2. Justin Parris

    The day the new status quo with Peter Starker was announced, a friend of mine said it wasn't to copy Tony, but Reed and the FF in the face of the disputes with Fox. Seems he was right. As silly as it is, I don't think its really dramatically different from what we already knew. No FF, and Peter owns a huge company. @7 He gets better again just in time to waste 12-18 months being blandly written in yet another colossal Avengers team book. His odds of dying again before the FF regain their rightful place has gotta be at least 40%.

  3. Roy Lichenstein

    Married and making ends meet in a small loft apartment, never heard anything so ridiculous...Multi million pound scientific industrial business based in one of the tallest buildings in NYC, that's the everyman I can relate to...

  4. Frontier

    The only way I've seen this spun positively is the possibility that, with the FF in dire straits post-Secret War, Peter thought he had to snatch up the Baxter Building before any shady types could do it.

  5. JRT!

    Well guess I won't know more in November then. Don't buy it anymore,but it's been a while since I bought a Spidey comic so maybe I should check out the first issue of this thing. And yeah,the guy who supposedly writes ASM is a huge Who fan,wonder what his Spidey/Who crossover was gonna be like. I like Who as well,and Trek,SW,and a whole bunch of other stuff. J-R!

  6. Chase the Blues Away

    #4 IMO Dan Slott writes the entire series as if it were his own private fanfiction, with no attention paid to established characterization or the effects of the story on the characters. His Silver Surfer is even worse. He doesn't even try to hide that it's Doctor Who fanfiction and even plagiarizes catch phrases from the TV show (some of which have also shown up in Spider-Man).

  7. Jack

    #3 I think you just stumbled upon Dan Slott's storyline method. He writes the entire series as a series of What If? episodes.

  8. old guy

    This stuff does not even belong in "The Amazing Spider-Man" file cabinets. What If: Doctor Octopus was Spider-Man ? What If: All the Spider-Men Got Together to Fight a Family of Bad Guys ? What If: Dan Slott had Created Spider-Girl (The Daughter of the True Spider-Man) ? What If: Tony Stark was Spider-Man ? I'm putting it all in the "What If? / Alternate Universes" file cabinets.

  9. hornacek

    For the Punisher, was it always the case that he wore a bullet-proof vest and he had the skull on his chest so that bad guys would subconsciously aim for it instead of his unprotected head? Or was this a retcon?

  10. Jack

    But isn't it helpful for Spidey to provide snipers with a glowing center-body-mass bullseye? Otto had the common sense to smash Jameson's spider-signal lamp on the grounds that it would tell all his enemies exactly where he was at that moment, but Peter puts a glowing light, not on a rooftop, but right in the center of his chest.

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