Spidey Fights Zombies In ASM #1.1

ASM1Point1AgainAmazing Spider-Man (Vol. 4) #1.1 will feature Spidey fighting zombies, with an assist from Daredevil characters that haven’t been seen in ten years.

Via the Hollywood Reporter & Comicbook.com:

With great power comes great questions about Peter Parker’s faith, prompted by the undead marching around Harlem?

Apparently so, given the announcement of a new Amazing Spider-Man comic book series written by Jose Molina, part of the writing team behind ABC’s Agent Carter, to launch in November.

Molina told ComicBook.com that the series doesn’t just bring zombies to Harlem, but also re-introduces an obscure group of superheroes called the Santerians, created by Marvel CCO Joe Quesada — a group which will push Peter into areas fans might not expect from a Spider-Man story.

“The Santerians are attached to issues of religion and faith,” he explained. “I wanted to have them bring questions of faith into Spider-Man’s world and force him to grapple with ideas he hasn’t often wrestled with in the books… Peter Parker is a scientist by nature, but what if he finds that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in his philosophy?”

Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 4) #1.1 lands in November.

George Berryman!

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  1. Nick MB

    I don't really mind Slott writing less issues if that's what he thinks best for him/the book. Plus I quite like his other work too, so I'm happy to just buy that. But yeah, would be nice if Marvel were willing to do another Spidey book to compensate - unfortunately, they've clearly decided not-ASM Spidey just doesn't sell. So endless .1 miniseries - and to be fair to them, looking at the sales on Learning To Crawl and Spiral, I think they probably do sell better than an actual B-title would.

  2. Daniel

    I realize that they want to use the Amazing Spider-Man banner to help promote these stories but I don't know why they can't just release these series as something like "The Amazing Spider-Man Fights Zombies" and call them issues 1 to 5 or whatever. The .1 system is stupid and probably confusing for new readers.

  3. RDMacQ

    Another ".1" series? Holy hannah. ONE BOOK. Dan Slott has ONE BOOK. And he can't even be bothered to keep a monthly schedule with that. This guy has the lightest workload at Marvel and yet he still can't manage to do the average of what every other writer does, without someone else coming in to "pitch hit" for him. I wonder when we'll get another book "co-written" by Christos Gage?

  4. Al

    Spider-Man is a scientist by nature so this will test his faith. The faith of a man who has met alien space Gods, Thor, demons, GOD HIMSELF and also made a deal with Satan. But okay he is a scientist who needs to learn about faith

  5. ac

    at this point the numbering system is such a mess I don't know why they bother putting numbers on them at all. Or maybe they should just put number 1 on every issue.

  6. hornacek

    So ASM 1.1 comes after 700.1-700.5 and 16.1-16.5? Thanks for wrecking America's children's knowledge of how math works, Marvel!

  7. PeterParkerfan

    Since I'm sick of Dan Slott's manchild Peter and evil Black Cat, I think I'll pick this up. I'm interested in seeing how this writer handles Peter Parker.

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