Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #4 Review: AndrewRoebucks take

ASMRENEW2015004-DC21-9030aThe roller coaster that is Renew Your Vows is gearing up to its biggest thrill, but does it have enough steam to reach the top?

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Adam Kubert & Scott Hanna
COLORIST: Justin Ponsor
LETTERER: VC’s Joe Caramagna
COVER ARTISTS: Adam Kubert and Justin Ponsor
EDITOR: Nick Lowe

PLOT: We start off getting to see a little more of Annie’s back story. We see how she has had to constantly hide her powers from her parents at every turn. Even when she feels justified she has been denied the use of her powers, but not this time her dads in trouble and she’s going to…get kidnapped. We see Mary Jane and Annie get teleported into Shields secret base. Here we get a better view of who is behind the brand new SHIELD as Hawkeye introduces himself as the new head. We also see how they are managing to travel. The Spot former Spider-Man villain has had his powers tampered with by Regent and now whenever he uses one of his portals for transportation part of his body disappears. Jarvis takes Annie whilst Mary Jane has a talk with Hawkeye about their plans to save Peter. Hawkeye has given up hope for Peter and just assumes he has died. Meanwhile back with our beloved Web-Head we see him finishing off the Sinister Six only to see Sandman appear in an attempt to get Spider-Man to come away with him. Unfortunately for the two of them Regent makes an appearance easily capturing the both of them and taking them to his lair. While at Regents lair we see D-Man getting a full autopsy leading Peter to regret his actions from last issue. Regent then uses his psychic abilities to Screenshot from 2015-08-20 11:20:26interrogate Sandman and discover the location of the secret rebel base (yes this scene is clearly from the first Star Wars movie). Back with Shield we see Annie get reunited with the Power Pack and create her own costume. Hawkeye examines Annie’s inhibitor bracelet and realizes that the tech can be used to separate Regent from his powers, the only thing they need? A drop of Regents blood. Before they can formulate a plan however Regents goons charge in and attempt to eliminate the Rebels once and for all. Using the last of his power The Spot creates a portal to evacuate everyone, while Annie leaps into action easily dispatching The Shocker, Boomerang, and Kraven. In Regents base Spider-Man gets to find out more of Regents plan which is to kill DOOM and take over Battleworld. He puts Peter into stasis and walks away. As he walks away Sandman reveals he has a secret portal inside him (put there by the Spot) and allows the resistance to get right into the heart of Regents base. Using his powers Sandman explains that Regent has Spider-Man which causes Mary Jane and Annie to leap through the portal and save Peter. 

STORY: This issue has a lot to love about it. Solid story, Mary Jane feels like a great character, and Annie has some really fun fight scenes. However before I praise there are some substantial continuity oddities that I feel need to be mentioned.

Sandman appears to Peter they have an argument, and Sandman explains that he has powers so he wouldn’t want to be with Regent. Which all makes perfect sense, all the other Sinister Six members has Tech based abilities…all except one The Rhino. Now in Amazing Spider-Man 2 the movie the Rhino clearly has a suit that gives him his enhanced abilities, but asides from the film Rhino has always been naturally superhuman. The suit acts armour but it was always my understanding that it was biological and not suit based. So naturally Regent would most likely utilize his strength as well. In this issue we also get introduced to Hawkeye who lost an eye from the Regent fight first issue. Contrary to how it seemed in the first issue. Hawkeye and his group all of whom survive are seen dealing with a breakout at Rykers and then being called in to rescue. You don’t see any of those characters in the Regent massacre, so it was under my assumption they survived because they couldn’t make it to the fight scene. This isn’t really a criticism because fine I guess they could have been there but it seems suspect. More importantly why wouldn’t Sandman’s powers be useful to Regent? IT’s a huuuuge miscalculation to ignore the clear superiority of Sandman’s abilities. He is a villain that could conceivably take on the Avengers himself. Lastly the use of the word “GOD” by Regent. In the world of Secret Wars there is no such word as “GOD” when Doom completely reformed the world he replaced the word “GOD” with “DOOM” read any other Secret Wars book, and even characters who’ve never encountered Doctor Doom will still say “Oh my DOOM”.

Screenshot from 2015-08-20 11:20:01Now that my continuity nitpicks are done there are some really cool elements of the plot. I loved that Jarvis was still alive, I really liked the introduction of The Spot being used as a good guy, and I love that Regent will conceivably get taken out by Peter Parker’s invention. The story was fun, and the characters felt like they were progressing well. Annie’s dialogue continues to sound like that of a child, and her opening monologue really fits the kind of struggle she would be having within this universe. This is the kind of writing we all like to see from our storytellers.

ART: Overall the art continues to be solid, and immensely enjoyable there are two artists credited upon this issue but I find it hard to tell where one ends and the other begins so the style stays relatively the same. That being said the art in this issue is much more akin to the art last issue where its still great, but there’s not as much playing around with perspective and style which really made the original issues stand out.


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  1. Jason

    So....Dan Slott is really writing this title? Renew Your Vows has been fantastic. Why couldn't the rest of his Spidey run been this enjoyable?

  2. Jack

    Mysterio is all chemicals and technology, and the Regent is already super-strong so he doesn't need the Rhino's strength. Yeah, it does make me a little curious about who or what the Regent replaced. As if Doom doesn't even care what goes on in the baronies. Except that we know from SW that he does. He alone appoints or removes the barons. The only slight spark of interest I've had in Regent is if it turns out his original objective was to set everyone free from Doom, and in the process he went bonkers. Unlike others, I don't think anyone or anything of any significance will survive this series over into ASM. They said that "elements" would continue. That's such a vague word that it could refer to absolutely anything. It could refer to the color scheme (jk). It can't include memories or any lessons-learned, because none of these are the "real" ASM characters. The real Peter was blasted out into Battleworld somewhere by Dr. Strange. They probably said "elements" because they haven't actually made up their minds what if anything would transfer back into ASM. However, if Strange/Slott drops the real 616 Spider-Man into the middle of this, and as a result the two Peters rip Regent to pieces, that would surprise me.

  3. Will

    @2 Vulture uses a mechanical harness that allows him to fly, Kraven is in peak shape and he trained himself to have heightened senses, Otto uses a mechanical harness. None of them have superpowers.

  4. Drewmeister

    Uh, I don't remember which comics, but I'm pretty sure people have referred to him as 'God Doom' before.

  5. Al

    Actually Vulture, Kraven and Otto technically all have powers. I figured if Regent wastes powers chasing villains to keep his powers up that’s dumb hence his minions. It’s like wasting battery power to charge up your phone in the first place. I figure the word God still exists but it is interchangeable with Doom. Really what is more questionable is the fact that Peter doesn’t KNOW Doom is God. What the Hell? Then there is the fact that who the Hell was running the Regency before the Regent decided to become a bad guy and kill Dr. Doom? And the fact that Doom does jack about this despite it happening for 8 years.

  6. Justin Parris

    Hi, thanks for your nice comment on my review. I noticed Rhino too, but my memory of his origin was just hazy enough I wasn't comfortable using him as my example. The one the stuck out to me was Hobgoblin. Every version of the character without the Goblin Formula was a pansy not really useful enough to have on a hit squad. Though later on, when Regent captures Sandman, he doesn't absorb his powers anyway, begging the question why someone with powers couldn't work for Regent... Glad to hear about the "Oh my Doom". I haven't been following most of Secret Wars so this slipped right over me.

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