Spider-Ads # 23

newspaperadBack in 1994 the Spider-Man Newspaper strip did a cross promotion with a marvel comic. Spidey and the Beast took on the Hobgoblin. A mini series was created called the Mutant Agenda. Kids were encouraged to buy the paper from December 6, 1993 to February 26, 1994.  They could clip out the strips and glue them them into a special zero issue. I was one of those kids. Here’s an ad promoting the event. 

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  1. Will

    I remember this as well. It was hard finding the strips because my local paper didn't run it. The one paper that did was either the Arizona Republic or the Las Vegas Review Journal, but they only ran Sundays. Living in Northern Arizona in the 90s sucked for comics collectors...especially when all our local comic shops closed up...

  2. AmFan15

    I remember that...this wasn't the only bit of cross-promotion for the same story. Around the same time, the Spider-Man cartoon had a two-part crossover episode called "The Mutant Agenda", featuring Wolverine and Beast, going up against the Hobgoblin! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSbbjdHU7Ek

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