Captain America: Civil War Spidey Rumor

SpideyThwippLatino Review (yes, that Latino Review) is reporting a Captain America: Civil War rumor regarding Spider-Man and his appearance in the upcoming Cap sequel.

As always, take this with a Texas-sized grain of salt.

Also, I’m putting the info “below the fold” for the spoiler-sensitive. Click the link below to read on.

Still here?

Okay what Latino Review is reporting has to do with Tony Star and Peter’s webshooters. They don’t cite or even hint at a source so, again, let it rain down grains of salt.

From Latino Review:

Latino-Review has been told that the original comic book plot of Iron Spider will not be part of “Civil War” but instead Stark will be the one responsible for creating Spidey’s web shooters. 

When we first meet young Spider-Man, Peter Parker will be a hero using only things a teenager has access to while Stark has the capability of making more “hero ready” suits (he has a line about making the Avengers “look cool” in Age of Ultron).

It’s possible that Spidey’s side isn’t decided by who gives him the coolest clothes if the comic is any indication. Then again, the parallels between the Civil War comics line and the Civil War movie are fewer and fewer the more we learn.

On the one hand, I’d be thrilled if we never see the Iron Spider costume onscreen. It’s more Stark than Parker, and I’ve never liked it much. As to the possibility of Tony Stark designing Peter’s webshooters… I’d actually be more comfortable with Stark manufacturing them for Peter based on Peter’s design, presumably because Peter’s resources would be limited. Either way, we’ll see. For now it’s all just rumor; remember, there was no source cited or mentioned.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6th, 2016.

–George Berryman!

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(8) Comments

  1. krankyboy

    Pick apart. Oh well. In any case, it never bothered me that Peter made the web shooters and costume on his own. Part of the legend. And having Tony do it brings up questions as to why he wouldn't continue to help Peter (even financially) in the future. I feel like it's another case of people trying to "fix" things that really don't need it.

  2. krankyboy

    #5 - That high school kid also gets super powers from a radioactive spider bite. You can pick part everything if you try.

  3. Spider-boyN2Jesus

    J.R./Obadiah Stane impression: "Peter Parker built his web-shooters... OUT OF A BOX SCRAPS! IN A LOW-RENT HOUSE IN QUEENS!! WHEN HE WAS IN HIGH-SCHOOL!!!"

  4. Spider-boyN2Jesus

    Or Stark could give Peter a new set based on the the crappy ones that Peter made out his limited resourses. Or if Stark allows Peter to use his vast resources to make a new pair of web-shooters. I'd be fine with either of those as well, but yeah, I would prefer Peter to at least design the web-shooters, if not build a crappy proof of concept pair first ;P.

  5. Clark Parker

    This is Marvel, and they get Spider-man, right? Dear God, please let Peter have at least DESIGNED the fakakta webshooters. I'm not 100 percent on-board with Stark building them, either, but it's at least better than organic webs.

  6. cubman987

    If this is true I would totally get why they went that direction....but I wouldn't much care for it. Though as mentioned if Stark makes it based off of Peter's design I could get behind that I think.

  7. Mark Alford

    I agree. Stark can manufacture Peter's design, but the web shooters really need to be Peter's creation. Otherwise it takes away an essential element to this character.

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