Podcast # 384-Spider-History August 2006

podcast384picBack in August 2006 we started the Spider-Man Crawlspace podcast. JR wasn’t on that first episode, he joined on the third episode. So it’s nine years in the making, but you can now hear what he thought of Spider-Man unmasking during Civil War. Here are the books he takes a look at. 
*Amazing Spider-Man#533
Sensational Spider-Man#27
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#9
Civil War #2
Front line #1-2


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  1. Captain Frugal

    #4 if you look you will find that most comics tend to lean liberal, some are conservative such as work from Chuck Dixon but the majority tend to push pretty hard left. Some of the work has been so blatant that it has turned people away from the books. pakersjames90, do you think it would be best to avoid politics in comics?

  2. packersjames90

    Hey guys, great Episode bring back many memories for me, I agree with some of the things mentioned. Like how Civil War was good idea on paper, but failed when actually doing it. Also Marvel's epic fail job of shooting themselves in the foot with with this. The thing I don't agree with was the shots at liberals. While I do agree "Civil War" was hurt big time by writers' politics changing how SHR viewed. It's wasn't just liberals bias, but for both parties bias. I remember in Iron Man ether during Civil War or Avengers Dissemble a senator in the issue out right said that The president (Bush) was doing the right thing, that's sometimes is unpopular. But why can't those dumb liberals see it that way. So it was a two way street. Hell you guys bring up Pro-Reg Hereos and Government being shown as Nazi/commie/evil. But I know a lot the conservatives in real life, media (Fox News), and the internet that say the same about Obama and his administration. So really it goes both ways with both parties.

  3. hornacek

    So what we should do is take J.R.'s audio from this episode and splice it into the very first episode, George Lucas style. Of course in the new version Brad, Kevin and Zach will still sound low and muffled, with J.R. coming through crystal clear.

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