Spider-Ads # 24

COMICAD_marvel_cd_romsThe latest Tangled Web article mentioned these, and I remember these CD-Roms quite well. I had all four on my Windows 95 computer. Did you have them?

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  1. Captain Frugal

    I have the Spider-man and Iron man CD-Roms, but I also have the original comics as well. I am looking to break them out to read them to my kids at night:)

  2. Thomas Mets

    I mentioned in the article that these were some of the first Spider-Man stories I ever read. The Spider-Man one included two stories: ASM 238-239 and ASM 39-40. In order to access the Lee/ Romita Green Goblin story, I remember I had to click on a flashback panel in the Hobgoblin story. It took me a while to find it, so for a while, I thought I was the victim of false advertising. I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think they edited out a few pages from ASM 239. It had Peter visting Madame Web in the hospital, tying up some loose ends from "Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut." Those pages were also missing from the first Origin of the Hobgoblin TPB. In both cases, it makes sense since it's a subplot that has nothing to do with the Goblins.

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