Sha Shan Returns

1156386-shashan2 StarbrandNightmask-cov-ef678If you’re a fan of supporting characters from the Spider-Verse, you may want to pick up the new Starbrand and Nightmask ongoing series. Greg Weisman will be writing the book. He is well known for helping produce, in my opinion, the best Spider-Man cartoon of all time. In a recent CBR article he said:

¬†Kevin and Adam will be roommates, but we’ll be introducing a lot of supporting characters, rapidly. Probably the most important is their R.A., Imani Greene, who is destined to become an extremely significant character in the mythos. There’s also dormmates Kenny Kong, Shelly Conklin and Krysta Brown, Campus Security Guard Tiny McKeever, and Imani’s physical therapist Sha Shan Nguyen (one of my favorite characters in the canon). Plus, what would an E.S.U. education be without a course from a certain Professor Warren?

So you have Sha Shan, Flash Thompson’s old flame. You have Tiny McKeever, who premiered during Untold Tales of Spider-Man. You also have the Jackal? I really wasn’t going to pick up this book, but with Weisman and a bunch of Spider-Man’s supporting cast, I’m now sold.¬†

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  1. Spider-Matt

    I'm sold. I love Weisman, and I really liked Starbrand and Nightmask in Hickman's Avengers books (I guess Nightmask recovered from becoming an embryo and Starbrand recovered from being impaled). The supporting cast seems great too! I'm down for this book

  2. WolfCypher

    It's so funny. I forever forget about Sha Shan, and every.single.time I'm reminded of her, its in the context of GREG WEISMAN.

  3. Frontier

    I'm pretty sure it's not actually Jackal, but it's MIles' brother Raymond who was Peter's high school teacher. He was in Spectacular, so obviously Weisman remembers him. Marvel already had me interested by attaching Greg Weisman to this, even when I don't really care about the titular characters, but adding Kong, Sha Shan, and Tiny McKeever is enough to get me to try this out.

  4. Al

    @#1: If the Ultimate Universe is merging with 616 then maybe Kenny Kong is the same guy from Ultimate. Either way this has Jackal in it so now I have to review it

  5. Nick MB

    Also Kenny Kong is presumably the debut of the 616 version of the Ultimate Spider-Man supporting character? Or maybe Ultimate Kong is now in 616 for college after Secret Wars, who knows.

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