Arsonist Says Carnage Told Him to Start Fire

Timothy-King20 year old Timothy King of the UK may have thought he was in a chapter of Maximum Carnage. He evidently thought he heard Carnage talking to him. The Spidey villain evidently told King to stuff clothes in the stove and turn them on to bake. He then poured cleaning fluid around the apartment and left a note saying that Cletus Cassiday himself told him to do it. He left a smiley face at the end of the note for good measure. Spider-Man-2-CarnageAccording to police reports, the best way to allegedly hear Carnage is to drink heavily and smoke some Mary Jane. Luckily a smoke alarm alerted the residents in the apartment complex and there were no casualties. King was staying in his brothers apartment and it was a total loss.
King was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. I wonder if he’ll come across a symbiote?

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  1. Justin Parris

    this is disgusting and sad. So I'll do what I usually do in reaction to disgusting and sad news, turn it in to silly humor. Tim, whatever you do, don't attack a guard in prison. You do not want to deal with the Jury. Really though Tim I'm mostly impressed you managed to turn the stove, rather than the oven, to bake.

  2. ItsMichaelReid

    So..whats the media blaming this time? The ole comics are evil excuse? Or the not so new, newcomer fad of "video games are violent and evil"? So many choices so many dumb people not taking responsibility.

  3. Enigma_2099 My guess is that this kid and his defense team are thinking, "well if it works for this guy, maybe it can work for us." And I know that the coverage for this has the potential to get REAL STUPID as they want to point the finger at everything except the REAL problem. All I'm asking is that you don't forget one thing. These guys committed crimes. Punish them. Don't concentrate on making excuses for them.

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