Gwenpool Coming Soon?

gwenpoolMarvel sent me a press release with just the subject title “Seriously?!?!…Gwenpool?” So are we getting an ongoing or a mini-series?
It makes sense if you do the math.
Spider-Man +Gwen= Spider-Gwen money
Deadpool +Gwen= Gwenpool money

What’s next for the blonde that has been dead since 1973?

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  1. QuilSniv

    No, wait, I got one... Gwenphisto! It's an integral part of Slott's fanfic, where Gwenphisto separates Peter and MJ to have Peter all to herself in the Gwend New Day reality! ...George is gonna rip me apart for that one.

  2. Vashtar

    Lol, looks like marvel already beat you guys to it. They released a few gwen-centric cover variants a few months back, which also served as the inspiration for this one-off issue

  3. Spider-Matt

    This is just another attempt at a cash grab... and a weird one too. On another note, Mary-Jane is confirmed to show up in Invincible Iron Man.... That can't end well

  4. Mike K.

    Okay, first, many of the above suggestions are hilarious, especially Kenneth really kicking it old school with references to Werewolf by Night, Marvel Treasury Edition #25, and Crystar - Crystal Warrior. Well done! Second, stop giving Marvel ideas! I mean, come on, "Gwens of the Galaxy" and "Gwenom" is totally something they would do! Before you know it, we'll have reached Maximum Gwenage! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

  5. fantasyfreak

    @Al: Deadpool is not a fratboy. Theres a certain section of his fanbase that ascribes him that characteristic, because they want to see themselves in him, and that has given other people that impression. Otherwise, I agree with most of what you quoted :)

  6. Kenneth

    Gwentastic Gwens Gwenwolf by Night Gwenbius the Living Gwenpire Gwenom Omegwen the UnGwen FrankGwenstein Gwenstar, the Gwenstal Warrior Devil DinoGwen Howard the Gwen Gwenage Control Gwenaways HawkGwen ExcaliGwen Gwenzilla Gwen001: A Gwen Odyssey Marvel Treasury #25: The Gwenter Olympics Gwenderbolts Gwenberg the Vampire Not Gwen Ecch ObGwenxio the Gwen Conan the BarbariGwen That's about it. *Forest Gump glance*

  7. Aziz

    They had to make her expose her thighs because......? Ok, wait, I have the name of a few future titles (not events like Hugo listed): Gwen of America Iron Gwen Gwen Fist Power Gwen GwenDevil X-Gwens Gwens of the Galaxy Gwen: Asgardian of Thunder Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Gwens The Incredible Gwen Gwen Marvel

  8. Hugo Estranho

    World War Gwen? Civil Gwen? ShadowGwen? Gwen Itself? Secret Gwens? Gwenfinity? Age of Gwen? Gwen Island? Gwen Reign? Gwenumanity? Original Gwen? Clone Gwen? Gwens Reborn? Age of Gwen? The Dark Gwen Saga? Avengers Vs X-Men: Gwen?

  9. Al

    Brilliant comment summing this up: "It just goes to prove that Gwen is a blank cipher and has no discernable personality, goals or motivation. She’s just a cute blonde paperdoll to dress up in various, inevitably fetishized costumes. Also? If Gwen’s true fanbase is young girls who loved Emma Stone and want to see an empowered female - - then combining her with Deadpool is the exact opposite of that. Deadpool is an uberviolent frat boy and the opposite of a female-positive figure. In truth, I think Marvel is hoping this will be their Harley Quinn, as so far they don’t have a cute widdle amoral girlie killer. Which again shows the House of Idea is creatively bankrupt."

  10. Chase the Blues Away

    Wake me when this Gwen Stacy zeitgeist wave crashes and burns itself out. The new Spider-Man movies can't come fast enough. So not interested.

  11. aGuy

    So what other Gwen titles should we expect in the future Gwen-Thing, Beta Ray Gwill, Gwalactics and her Gwilver Surfer,Dr Stacy, Scarlet Gwitch, QuickGwilver and the entire Gwevengers?? But really I'm kind of expecting this to be a tongue-in-cheek mini series similar to the 'Marvel Now What?' from 2013.

  12. Justin Parris

    ......huh. Sometimes it feels like Marvel's personally invested in intentionally destroying everything I enjoy.

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