Podcast # 386-Spider-News, Stan’s Assistant Sues, Garfield Likes Holland, Guinness Spider-Record

podcast386picBrad, George and JR tackle some Spider-News items in this episode. Topics include:
*Stan Lee is getting sued by his assistant
*Spider-Man Movie news
*Spider-Man Director Jon Watts is a Spidey fan. 
*Andrew Garfield recommends Tom Holland for the job.
*Spider-Man fight in Times Square
*A Guinness world record has been set with Spider-Men 
*Odd Ebay Spidey auctions


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(4) Comments

  1. George Berryman

    Sony wanted Venom; they got Venom. The story suffered for it - a lot - but it still was the highest grossing Spider-Man film to date. Raimi has never shied away from responsibility for Spider-Man 3 being subpar.

  2. xonathan

    George, everyone says that the studio's interference ruined Spider-man 3, but to my understanding the studio only wanted to have Venom in the movie. Not a bad choice given the character's popularity around the world. However the studio did not tell Raimi to have his actors act horribly, shoehorn the Sandman in the plot and Uncle Ben's death, and have Tobey dance on the streets. I honestly think Raimi had a dislike for Venom and did not understand the character. But instead of looking for a consultant or something, he just watched the 3 episode saga from the 90's series and did a bad adaptation. I think Raimi has a lot of responsibility for the quality of Spider-man 3.

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