Podcast # 387-18 Spider-Satellite Reviews

podcast387We tackle 18 reviews in this episode of Spider-Satellites. It’s a supersized episode and clocks in at a little over two hours. Here are the books that we tackle. 

Deapool’s Secret Wars # 1,2,3,4-BD
Spider-Island # 1,2,3-Mike
Spider-Verse #2,3,4-Zach
Ultimate End # 2,3,4-Mike
Spider-Gwen #5-Ashley
Silk # 5,6,7-Ashley
Guardians Team Up #9-Ashley


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  1. BD - Post author

    Cheesedique-We always do Amazing reviews on a separate podcast. We had planned on recording news and Amazing reviews but we couldn't get the band together last weekend. We're recording this Friday so we'll review ASM:RYV #3-5 on that show.

  2. Stillanerd

    Just in case you wondering what happened to me at end, my computer froze up right when Ash was recapping Guardians Team-Up, and it took me ten minutes to reboot and reload Skype. So by the time I got back, the episode had just wrapped up. Isn't technology wonderful? Fortunately, I was able to listen to the rest.

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