Finding Spidey Everywhere

For comics fans who have also acquired a taste for online slots based upon Marvel characters there are many, many choices, fortunately. So many, in fact, that guide sites for this exact kind of game help players find a slot that matches their tastes in superheros.

Choose Your Hero

For example, fans of Spider-Man, and furthermore those fans who especially love his epic battle with the Green Goblin, can read a game review and even watch a YouTube preview of a slot title by Playtech that precisely matches their interest: “Spider-Man Attack of the Green Goblin”. That shows how deep the intersection between online and mobile slots with comic book themes has become today — many fans might not have known this.

We are partial to the Spidey slots, of course. They feature complex side games and bonus rounds that make it more than a mere slots experience. For example, the game preview we mentioned above shows separate fight challenges between the superhero and villain where the player can score free spins and jackpot multipliers. These are like mini video games embedded throughout the slot game.

Generally the comic book oriented slots have more action and complexity, which reflects the deep story lines they have to work with from the comics. There are blockbuster titles based upon Ironman, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four and others. Each one manages to follow its theme — right down to innovations on how the reels behave.

For example, Microgaming’s Iron Man series features reels that have asymmetrical, changing, morphing symbols and shapes — not at all what one would expect a slot to do. The graphics, animations and sounds all are faithful to what players have experienced (in their minds) by reading the yarns. The newest slots definitely play with the attraction between a comic book’s unwinding plot and the spinning reels.

Beyond Casino Games

We find superhero motifs or stories in just about every type of online and console gaming out there — comics themes basically are a shoe-in for most type of entertainment media because their massive and enduring popularity at this point means that they are a permanent fixture of contemporary (global) culture.

If you don’t particularly enjoy slots inside the casino atmosphere, there are other places where such slots are within reach (even just for the occasional kick), but where they are not the main event. Bingo has become massively popular online and on mobile devices, and many real-cash bingo sites offer a limited selection of slots and casino games as well.

Spider-Man and company show up in slots, bingo, action and fight games, as well as scores of small-scale free games that are offered online. As we all know, there are tons of lifestyle products, from clothing to kitchen accessories, for people who can’t get enough Spidey. In fact, considering how there are new bingo sites that offer these slots focused upon superheros, it is getting to the point that a Spider-Man choice is being made available in almost anything we buy or play!

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