Hot, Sexy Clickbait: How Long Has MCU Spidey Been Active?

marvellogoSaw this at Moviepilot, which was discussing it via HeroicHollywood. According to HeroicHollywood (which is written by a former Latino Review reporter) we have some *possible* details about how long Spidey has been a hero by the time Captain America: Civil War starts. There are potential spoilers below so if you are spoiler sensitive and need a “trigger warning,” consider this that “trigger warning” and do not click below.

From Moviepilot:

We all know that we are getting an extremely young Peter Parker this time around with Tom Holland so the the wiggle room from him acquiring his powers to the time of Civil war is should be very slim. According to a report by Heroic Hollywood’s insiders, Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for about a year by the time he chooses sides in Captain America: Civil War. Since most predict he will be about a Freshman in High School, he would have became Spider-Man around his middle school days. Luckily, Marvel isn’t going to spend an entire movie focusing on his origin and no Uncle Ben death scene! (Hopefully)

There’s no “hopefully” on that last part. Kevin Feige already confirmed it back in April. For some reason people can’t seem to remember that.


According the report, Spider-Man will merely be a myth or an urban legend to the general public, much like Batfleck in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. He will most likely focus on stopping street crime his first year or so of his Superhero career. It won’t be until a big time villain shows up that Spider-Man will begin to get national exposure as he saves the city from udder destruction.

Yes. “Udder” destruction. Apparently Earth is being invaded by an army of evil cows and only Spider-Man can stop them. And I’m only being mildly snarky; that typo had me cracking up this morning and I needed a laugh, so good on you, Moviepilot! Heh!

From Heroic Hollywood:

How long has Peter Parker been Spider-Man in the MCU?

According to sources, the latest rumor is that Peter Parker has been active as Spider-Man for a little over a year during the events of Captain America: Civil War. Just like Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Spider-Man is considered a myth, an urban legend.

In the upcoming 2017 Spider-Man standalone film, Peter Parker will have been active as Spider-Man for two years.

HH cites “sources”™ so, as always, take all of this with a Texas-sized grain of salt. But… none of this seems wildly out of reason.

–George Berryman! 

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  1. Sano

    I think he was around when the first episode of SHIELD aired and Skye said something like, "With great power comes... a lot of weird stuff!" I just picture Spidey saying his famous quote for the first time at the same exact time. I dunno, I just like that kind of synergy lol!

  2. Frontier

    I think Feige said something to the extent that Peter was already active as Spider-Man around Winter Soldier, so presumably he got bit by the spider in the interim between Avengers and WS though obviously the first official confirmation of his existence was in Ant-man. It does make me wonder whether he'd been active before or after Matt became Daredevil.

  3. Sthenurus

    You should fear the cows. They are the most evil and powerful agents of the devil. Or haven't tge game Diablo teach you anything?

  4. George Berryman - Post author

    Just for giggles (and with a "nothing shocks me anymore so do your worst" numbness) I Googled 'Udder Destruction.' Here now... potential Spider-Man cinematic spoilers: <img src="">

  5. hornacek

    @1 - I love the FF annual by Byrne where they return to the town where they left the Skrull cows and the townspeople have become shape-shifting monsters from years of drinking Skrull milk.

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