Podcast # 389-Renew Your Vows #3-5, ASM 20.1 Reviews

podcast389picThe gang tackles the following reviews in this episode. 
*Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows # 3
*Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows # 4
*Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows # 5
*Amazing Spider-Man # 20.1


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  1. AHunt

    Here are some other thoughts I had after writing my thoughts above #1 === So, Silk, not only is Black Cat turned to dark side, temporarily I hope, she's to be a regular in Silks' book and looks to have or trying to turn Silk against Spidey, who apparently will be to busy running an international company, which IMO he has no business doing, to stop another of his female supporting characters from turning her back on him. So once I again I say "Just what the H*** is Marvel playing at when it come to the women in Spider-Mans' life" Now you might argue this is a good thing since it's not Slott writing it, which IS a good thing, but I fear he'll have some say on where it goes as it could have an effect on the main book. and you might even say it might be a good thing in that Silk could be used as a balance for Felicias' ruthless side which was Spideys' role before Slott destroyed it. and that Silk might be the catalyst that starts the reconciliation between Spidey and Felicia, although why he's not been doing something about it within those 8 months I have no idea. I just hope they use her wisely and in some way the bring back the Felicia we loved, because I can't stand her not being friends with Spidey, for at the moment everything is telling me so far is that the rift growing between them is almost at a stage where we might never see a reconciliation between Spidey and Felicia. The only thing I see that might help is when Doctor Octopus returns, because you know he will, something will happen that will make Felicia realise the truth of what Spidey's been saying and come to the realisation of what she's done. Thank you for listening to my rant again, sorry about that, once I get going I just can't seem to stop. There's is one female character I am ashamed to say, I have neglected mentioning on the list of female character that IMO also was given a raw deal by Marvel, although in the context of the story and why people were to ready to accept Spider-Mans' change of behaviour, I could see why, and that is, SILVER SABLE, I still miss her, and I still have hope that since her body was never found, I still hold the belief that she will return to us. I just wish that wouldn't make us wait soo long to bring her back. If I'm honest, I'm sorry to say, I really do wish Slott was able to use Felicia in that role, at least we wouldn't have had to see the mess Slott made of Felicia. It's like Mephisto not only took the love between Peter and Mary Jane, but being the trickster he is, he also took the love between him and every other woman in his life. My reply start from the post below this one Forgot to mention a couple of things, On Comicvine I started a poll to find out if Slott should have been made the writer again. and while it a very small sample, I think it significant. out of 108 people that voted 34% said Yes, but 66% said NO and from the comments I've read, the Nos also include people who were supporters of Slott. You can find it here: http://www.comicvine.com/spider-man/4005-1443/forums/very-serious-poll-please-vote-on-slott-yes-or-no-1687679/ I also started thread asking If you were editor what first things would you change? I think you'll find what people came up with interesting. http://www.comicvine.com/spider-man/4005-1443/forums/if-you-were-editor-what-first-things-would-you-cha-1701857/ http://spidermancrawlspace.com/wwwboard/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11080 Quick Note: Don't know if you saw the cover for the November Solicit of Howard the Duck #1, if we go by the cover, it means that Aunt May is joining his detective agency. Personally I'm beginning to think that the problem is not only with Slott, but Aunt May as well, who should have been killed of years ago, definitely before the Mephisto nonsense and that character is Aunt May, while she was needed at the beginning as time went on all she became is someone that held Peter back from moving forward with his personal life, as long as she was there he would always want to do things for her, even if it meant sacrificing his own happiness. While this theory will more likely be unpopular with some, please understand I have nothing against the elderly. It's just that in this case the whole Mephisto thing could have been avoided if she wasn't in the picture. And I've always said she should have been let go a looong time ago. ===

  2. AHunt

    1st, I agree with everything you said in regards to Renew Your Vows, It was one of the best runs, granted the dialogue needed to be tolerated, of all of Slotts writing since he took over ASM. It's just a shame we might not see the like of it again. 2nd this regards ASM 20.1, I think my first thoughts of when I read it sums up my feelings about it ==== Apologies if this gets a little confusing, I'm just soo angry when I wrote it that I don't think I could have written it coherently Just what the H*** is Marvel playing at when it come to the women in Spider-Mans' life, they seem hell bent in turning every single one of them against him, first we have Mary Jane that decided to cut ties with Peter because she can't handle it anymore, Carlie leaving New York all together and Black Cat, who appears in the issue makes it a point to say "only her friends call her Felicia" twice and wants to kill him, for what Doc Ock did while in Spider-Mans' body and to quote Spidey "She Will never forget, Never Forgive" so it seems he has accepted that fact and that one day he'll have to fight back seriously to stop her, "especially if he doesn't already know and finds out that Black Cat has killed in the Hawkeye vs Deadpool mini." whether that will stop him from trying to get her back we have to wait and see although what happened in ASM #18 seems to go against that but it might spur him on to try even more. Now for the reason for this rant, apparently this whole .1 mini was the actual decent of Watanabi into being an anti hero, if you recall at the end of 19.1 we saw one of Negative's men on the floor I was hoping he just unconscious unfortunately we find out Yuri killed him and had no guilt over it, and no matter what Spider-Man says she won't move from the path she's taking and is reserved to that fact and she even going so far as saying that the Yuri he knew what the fake on she was pretending to be and now she realising that was never her and that the Yuri that killed that man was the real Yuri so after saying that she attacks Spider-man to get away and go after Negative, he is forced to accept she is lost and so for the rest of the issue he attempts to stop her as she seems to have no reservation of harming innocence in order to get to Mr Negative, who turns a crowd against her by his touch. and this gets Spidey so angry that he lets loose on Yuri which knocks her unconscious with one hit. "she get comes to and get away while Spidey goes after Mr Negative." again apologies for this spoiler rant, but I had to say something, because not only is Spider-Man coming to terms with what happened to Felicia, for which I hope he never stops trying to get her back, now he has to deal with Yuri as well, who it looks like he's given up on completely. I'll say again just what the H*** is Marvel Playing at. Because it seems that Spider-Man has simply given up on every woman that ever meant anything to him, ok maybe Yuri was not in that type of relationship with him, but still. it's just angers me to no end that this is what's happening. Apparently the whole point of the mini is to teach Spider-Man that people have a darkness in them, even him, and sometimes you can't do anything about it, if that person decides to embrace that part of them. Well I can't accept that, you can't just throw away something because you hit a bump on the road, you can't just throw away your compassion, your history with someone and the good you've done because of bad choices you made or because you think someone you thought was a friend, more than a friend, betrayed you, or that you simply got dealt a bad hand, or simply it has become way to difficult to be with someone. I am now even more convinced, more than ever, that Slott should never have been given the book, all he's done is destroy a book that I held very dear. And you might argue that the mini was written by Conway, thing is I feel that this is a result of Slott and what he did. and one more thing, No matter how much I try not to, every time I recall her saying "only my friends call me/her Felicia" and "I said-- YOU. DON'T. CALL. ME. FELICIA", it reminds how messed up Slott made her and just reinforces the anger I have towards what Slott did. =====

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