Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #2 Preview

Marvel just sent over an e-mail with preview images of Amazing Spider-Man vol 4 # 2. What do you think? 

Trouble in San Francisco – Your First Look at AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #2!

New York, NY—September 24th, 2015 — This October, Parker Industries is going global! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #2 – the next explosive issue from Dan Slott & Giuseppe Camuncoli! It takes a lot to be the head of a worldwide corporation: the globetrotting, the meetings, the foiling of terrorist plots. Things are getting personal, as The Zodiac have their sights set on Parker Industries and its illustrious C.E.O.! Peter Parker and his “bodyguard” – the Amazing Spider-Man – have tracked them to their hideout in San Francisco! Now, Spidey and Prowler are ready to take them head-on in their underwater fortress! Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’s neighborhood just got a lot bigger. Be there when the webhead swings through San Francisco Bay this October in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #2!



Written by DAN SLOTT
Cover by ALEX ROSS

Variant Cover by GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI (AUG150714)

Kirby Monster Variant by PAOLO RIVERA (AUG150713)

FOC – 09/28/15, On-Sale 10/21/15


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  1. Jeff Gutman

    Over the years, I've figured out what the problem is with Slotts writing: He'd prefer to be writing characters other than those he's been assigned by Marvel to write. Look at the facts. He's a huge Dr Who fan, so rather than getting a job writing Dr Who, he takes silver surfer and makes him into Dr Who. With Superior, he obviously found it more interesting to write about Doc ock than Peter as a main character, so he made doc ock into Spidey. And now with this new direction, it would seem he wants to write iron man stories and rather than switch to that title, he's making Peter into iron man. He gives more attention and focus to every pet character he inserted into ASM than he ever gives Peter. Silk, Anna Maria Marconi, Carly cooper etc. He always goes out of his way to show that his pet characters are more competent than the main character of the title he's being paid by marvel to write. So that's why I can no longer support him as a writer. He has no interest in writing the character he's being paid. As a result, he changes that character into the character he'd prefer to be writing about. This isn't even about whether or not he's married. These simply are NOT spider man stories. And until they get a writer who's interested in writing spider man stories, I can no longer give them my money. I am voting with my wallet. Slott must go.

  2. Borvoc

    Am I the only one who's more bothered by the green on Spider-Man's costume than about anything else? Green just doesn't go with red, blue, and black, in my opinion. The art looks really good otherwise, and that Peter in a suit—I didn't realize he could fill out a suit so well; I kind of like it.

  3. Jack

    I sincerely believe that Slott regards the Peter Parker character with contempt. He claims to be the world's greatest Spider-Man fan (which is a ridiculous claim), but that means Slott is a fan of the super-hero side only. His "take" on Peter Parker himself is quite negative.

  4. Cheesedique

    @10, 19--I wonder if thats how things will pan out. I could see Peter ending up giving the reins of the company over to Hobie Brown eventually--then a new Prowler series will be launched. I think I'm at the point where I don't even care to follow this or keep up with this title via boards, scans or podcasts anymore (I haven't regularly bought the series in years). It's just hard to give a shit right now. I'll give my comic money to DC. I'm having a lot more fun reading the actual Batman title right now (which has blown Spider-Man completely out of the water quality-wise since the Nu-52 started) than Slott's pale echo of it.

  5. Jeff Gutman

    Good post "chase the blues away." You put more thought into this premise and its potential fall out than Slott EVER will. He's writing this title as if the only people reading it were six year olds. I don't believe he has the emotional depth or intellect to think things through the way you have. Given That he never showed Peter have a shred of doubt or concern over taking credit for Ocks work, I realized he is essentially writing a bad Saturday morning cartoon.

  6. Chase The Blues Away

    #10 Playing my own version of Devil's Advocate! That's a pretty good story solution. Except...if the Spider-Man title wants to retain any versimiltude (and right now, apparently versimiltude is a four letter word to Slott - assuming he even knows what it means), that failure would follow Peter Parker for the rest of his life. He'd be virtually unemployable. Peter would need another Dr. Strange mind wipe of the world's population to get out of it. Also, there are real world executives who cause companies to collapse and threaten the livelihood of thousands of people. They are far from heroic. The global recession wasn't that long ago, and we're still dealing with the economic fallout. Peter assuming the mantle of a callous billionaire who doesn't care who he screws over, even if he is doing it to save the world from Doc Ock, would be giving the character a big, black eye - almost as big and black as making a ridiculous deal with the devil. It also lets Doc Ock win, because it would pretty much destroy any reputation Peter Parker had. And because Peter willingly and knowingly put himself in this position. He didn't have to run Parker Industries. He didn't have to call himself a Ph.D. Peter knows he didn't build the company and Peter knows he didn't earn the degree. So Ock would be fully in the right with his accusations, and any danger to the world would indeed be Peter's responsibility because he just blithely took on everything Ock set into motion without an apparent second thought. And even if it plays out as you suggest and Parker Industries is taken away in this manner - just the presence of this much sci fi tech in the first place negates Spider-Man as a street, "every man" character. Now it's been introduced as something Peter knows and understands and is comfortable with, it's pretty impossible to put the genie back in the bottle. Of course, I reserve the right to eat my words later, because amazing execution can make almost any story palatable. But this is Slott. So I doubt I need to tuck in my napkin any time soon.

  7. tevya smolka

    at least with batman he can have hologram meetings because that makes sense for him but peter parker aka spider-man no doesn't work because he shouldn't be running his own company stop turning spider-man into batman marvel

  8. Justin Parris

    @16 Star wars isn't supposed to be in a society that's a near duplicate of our own. The hologram tech in that world is old, mundane, and inexpensive. Installing hologram messaging tech costs literally nothing extra to a base in star wars. It isn't the same. Peter's company would have to spend an absurd amount of money on it for no benefit.

  9. Justin Parris

    @7 You know I wouldn't have such a problem with hologram meetings if they made even a little sense to install even if you had the technology. I want to see that proposal come across a desk. "Hey, let's install a couple million dollar super advanced hologram system. That way, we can stare at discolored pictures of each other while we use strictly verbal communication. Conference calls are so last season." I was particularly bad in the first Avengers movie, when the video chat had everyone shrouded in darkness anyway. I mean if you don't want to be visible, use a regular phone!

  10. Spider-Matt

    I think it's cool that Mockingbird is part of the new supporting cast; I'm a fan of hers. Good to see the Prowler too. I wonder if Bobbi will be the new love interest... who knows. I was also thinking that maybe MJ will be hired by Stark as some kind of liaison between Stark Enterprises and Parker Industries? I guess we'll have to see

  11. Frontier

    It's great to see Hobie back as Prowler again and teaming up with Spidey, though the new costume might take some getting used to. Same with Mockingbird's. I guess Camuncoli's not the best at redesigns?

  12. ryan3178

    I agree with Sillanerd, that would be a very logical way to do it. However, at this point, while Slott might go that way, I see something else completely happening with Peter saying that nano tech mind controlled him unknowingly. Similar to how Otto's last versions of octobots could control people by attaching themselves to people. Making Peter really feel horrible because that would be twice Dr. Octopus has used him to further his own goals. It would put Peter back to square one and make it to where Peter wasn't in control of his actions and why he has been so whinny and out of character since Superior ended. Only way Slott could have his cake and eat it too.

  13. ac

    Stillanerd, that would be a logical way to do it, so there isn't a chance that would happen. More likely, we'll get some variation of the mystical Dr. Strange mind wipe scenario when it's time for a new spider-man movie to return him to his roots again.

  14. Stillanerd

    @#7 Chase the Blues Away -- Well, to play Devil's Advocate (as everything you cited points to why the idea of Peter being the CEO of his own international company is so problematic), there are ways to get Peter back to his "every man" status after this. One way I can see to do it is to tie the fall of Parker Industries to the return of Doctor Octopus, especially if the reason why Parker Industries has because such a huge success is because of Doc Ock's nanotech research--which, if you remember, was one of the few things which survived the destruction of the Parker Industries headquarters in ASM #18, which Anna Maria had stored in the Living Brain. If you remember when Otto posed as Peter during Superior Spider-Man, he presented that nanotech research concept as his doctoral thesis, which I believe involved using the brain to control it--just like how Otto controlled his tentacles and those Octo-bots. So, what if it turns out that, if Parker Industries launched those nanomachines, they're programmed to respond to Doc Ock's mental commands. So when he returns, he publicly announces Peter stole all his research and profited off it, and proves by taking control of every. single. device which has those nanomachines in them. Which, thanks to Parker Industries success, is practically everywhere. Thus, once Spidey stops Doc Ock, everyone is furious with Peter and Parker Industries for endangering the entire planet. The company stock goes down. There's talk of bankruptcy, people losing their jobs, and that Parker Industries is the next Enron. Shareholders are demanding to know if Peter was the one who really invented the nanomachines. Thus Peter, realizing he has to take responsibility, holds a press conference and announces that everything Doc Ock said was true, that he "stole" the research for himself to earn the doctorate and build his own company, and that to save what little of Parker Industries is left, he's decided to sell all the company's assets to Stark Enterprises and resign without taking any severance package. Thus Parker Industries is no more, and Peter essentially goes back to New York, where he goes off the grid for a few months until nearly everyone barely remembers who he is or recognizes him.

  15. Jeff Gutman

    I am sooooooooooo done with this. Until Slott leaves, I will not be buying any Spider-man comics. I suggest to posters here that if you have a distaste for this direction you do the same. Don't buy out of habit - we are now into year 7 of Slott writing. It needs to stop before the character is irreparably damaged. And like previous posters commented, how can the character ever be returned to its roots after such a dramatic shift???

  16. Chase the Blues Away

    And hologram meetings. Because those actually happen in real life. What happened to Peter Parker being grounded in reality?! Sure, Spider-Man might encounter people and things that are cosmic or super tech-advanced, but Peter had his feet firmly on terra firma. I'll be interested to see how Slott and/or Marvel can ever justify "Peter Parker, every man" again. Because once he's had access to all these tools and tech - once they've established these things exist in his world - how can they go back to Peter Parker, the guy who could be you or me?! I certainly don't have hologram meetings or vehicles straight out of a summer Hollywood blockbuster with no correlation in the real world. And yes, the more they introduce the company and the sci fi tech, the more the dissolution of the marriage, and the complaint Mary Jane being a "supermodel" made Peter unrelatable, look like utter hypocrisy.

  17. tevya smolka

    i don't like this at all this is so stupid and garbage spider-man should not be running his own company why can't we have the marriage back i don't get it

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