Podcast # 390-MJ and Stark, Gwenpool, Pansexual Peter, Sha Shan Returns

podcast390picHere are the news topics we tackle in this episode of Spider-News. 

*MJ and Tony Stark a couple?-George
*New Gwenpool title-JR
*Bagley and Romita Jr get tense-BD
*Marvel Creative Committee ends-Mike
*Sha Sha Returns-Zach
*Spidey as a Pansexual? -Mike
*Garfield on loosing Spidey-Ashley
*Spidey moves into the Baxter Building-Ashley
*Carnage tells man to burn down house-Zach
*Itune reviews


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(6) Comments

  1. BD - Post author

    @#1-Yeah August was a bit harder to schedule with everyone. But getting the podcast out is dependent on how much free time I have to get them out. I have a Spider-History to get out this month. I have two fight clubs and an October Spider-History in the can.

  2. BD - Post author

    This was our first recording of four that night. I agree we all were on-point with this one and very funny. This was my favorite recording in a while.

  3. xonathan

    I must congratulate all the hosts (see what I did there :P) on this podcast. I was laughing the entire time on my way to work. Every single one of you was engaged and firing shots at everyone and everything. Great job! Brad, whatever you did this time, keep doing it. Maybe you recorded earlier or something... Thanks! Favorite quote JR "Is this about animals?"

  4. George Berryman

    I wouldn't say we're rushing. August was a bit of a mess for us scheduling-wise. Not sure the numbering will work out for #400 but Spider-Jeopardy is coming later this fall! :cool:

  5. WolfCypher

    Not that I'm complaining, but we have been getting a lot of podcast episodes a lot more frequently recently. Is someone rushing us towards episode 400? The one where JR dies, but not really, he was a genetically created actor? Spoilers...

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