Dan Slott the Michael Jordan of Comics?

slottmjAmazing Spider-Man Writer Dan Slott has been compared to Michael Jordan in the recent Axel-In-Charge column over at CBR. The Axel in question is Alex Alonzo, the Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics. Here is the quote. 

CBR:Next week is big for Marvel, with the official kick-off of the All-New, All-Different Marvel era. Let’s start with “Amazing Spider-Man” #1. With these new launches, readers are seeing a lot of familiar talent taking on characters for the first time, but of course Dan Slott has been writing Spider-Man since 2008, and has explored and evolved the character in a number of notable ways. We know a little about what he’s got planned for Peter Parker here, but what has you most excited about this latest phase of Slott’s Spidey run?

Alonso: Dan’s earned the job, over and over again. The ideas he’s bringing to Spider-Man are totally out the box and all of them hit nothing but net. I’m on record saying it took me a long time before I was sold on “Superior Spider-Man” — shows what I know! Keeping the sports analogy alive, he’s like Michael Jordan in the zone. This time around, there’s the obvious big departure that Peter Parker is now a globe-trotting captain of industry, but the thing that’s going to really hook headers is the endings of the first three issues — each of which kicks off a major story that’ll have everyone talking.

What do you think of Slott’s boss comparing him to M.J.? Is Slott one of the best writers to ever play the game of comics?