Spider-Tattoo Fail

Img255652_spidermanlinesYou’d think if you were getting something tattooed to your body you’d want to have it spell checked and not forget Spider-Man’s hyphen.

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  1. Sean

    If the fan doesn't care then I don't think its a fail. If the fan is okay with Spider-Man without the hyphen then I don't think its a fail. That tattoo is for person getting the tattoo not anyone else.

  2. herbiepopnecker

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but after all - the URL for this page is spiderman...etc.... ;)

  3. tickbite

    Sorry if I offended you. It wasn't meant to be racist (and to be honest, I don't get why it is). I could have used any other name instead: George Cloony without an e, Angela Merkle instead of Merkel, J.R.R. Tolkein instead of Tolkien. There it suddenly matters to people, but with a fictional superhero ...

  4. Mike Murdock

    That was pretty racist, dude. Especially considering you're talking about our sitting president. Are there mods here???

  5. tickbite

    Some people skip the hyphen because they are lazy, but I find it immensely important because it immediately distinguishes him from Superman, the other superhero EVERYONE knows. I've written to newspapers and complained on blogs. I usually get a shrug in response. "Why does it matter?" they ask. For some reason though, they'd be the first to point out that Barack Obahma isn't spelled with an h.

  6. Aziz

    And some folks think I'm too uptight for hating tattoos. @parabolee: There will be a more painful reaction if the fan decided the fix needed the capital 'M'.

  7. JRT!

    Far too many "fans" don't get his name right. I never take them seriously when they can't even get a name right. J-R!

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