Ask Shooter, Zeck, Raimi, Helfer A Question

tulsaI’m headed to the Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con this Friday  I’m planning on doing four interviews and those include:
Mike Zeck-Penciler on Secret Wars, Kraven’s Last Hunt, designed the Black Costume
Jim Shooter- Editor of Marvel Comics from 1978-1987, Wrote Secret Wars 1 & 2
Ted Raimi-portrayed Ted Hoffmann in Spider-Man 1,2,3
Tricia Helfer-portrayed Black Cat in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon and Black Cat in the Spider-Man Web of Shadows video game. 

I’m taking message board questions for these four. You can ask one each and please keep them short, to the point and original. Here are the links
Mike Zeck, Jim Shooter, Ted Raimi and Tricia Helfer.

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  1. Rama

    I met both Shooter and Zecks earlier this summer at the Kansas City Comic Con, and Shooter was a real awesome guy, but Zeck seemed like it was a real hassle to talk to me and sign my copy of Amazing 293 and Secret Wars 1( that I paid for him to sign by the way). And this was first thing in the morning at the con. I went straight to their tables because these were the two guys I wanted to stuff signed from the most, especially Zecks, so he didn't even time to have a bad day. I mean he wasn't rude, just seemed like he thought he had better things to do.

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