Peter and Gwen Break Up

PeterGwenIn a manner of speaking, that is.

Practically every major outlet this morning is reporting that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have split up, ending a four year relationship that started when the two met on the set of the first Amazing Spider-Man. The biggest strength of the Spider-reboots was the actual chemistry between the two, who were dating while they played Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy.

Normally I wouldn’t report this but… still kinda Spider-related.

Via Vanity Fair:

The endearing two actors met in 2011 on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man, where Stone played the Gwen Stacy to Garfield’s Peter Parker. Their sizzling chemistry carried on offscreen, with the charming duo holding hands together on red carpets and playfully bantering back and forth in interviews over the last four years.

Sadly for Stone-Garfield “shippers”, though, Us Weekly’s source claims that the duo broke up officially “months ago.” But, the mole maintains that the two still get along—“They still have a lot of love for one another and they are on good terms with each another and remain close,” the insider adds. “It just wasn’t working.”

This past April, it was reported that the two actors were “on a break”. At the time, Garfield—who is five years older than Stone—was filming Martin Scorsese’s Silence in Taiwan, and the distance was said to put a strain on the relationship. A source at the time told People, “They’re both a slave to their schedules. This time last year they were privately discussing marriage.”

–George Berryman! 

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