Black Suit Coming To Disney Infinity 3.0

Image from Gamezone

Image from Gamezone

Via Gamezone:

When the Disney Infinity community questioned why Black Suit Spider-Man was featured in 3.0’s collection menu, John Vignocchi denied that there were ever plans to release the character — who was exclusive to the Vita Starter Pack for 2.0 Edition — as a standalone figure for 3.0. His presence was more of a bug than anything else. But that bug paved the way for much petitioning that the figure be released regardless, prompting the team to consider it as a viable addition to the roster. Now, thanks to fan feedback, Black Suit Spider-Man will be made available for play in 3.0.

No word yet as to when it’s coming, but it’s coming!

George Berryman!

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  1. Frontier

    So I guess Drake Bell finally gets to voice Black Suit Spider-Man...unless Matt Lanter is the VA for when you use this suit, like how Christopher Daniel Barnes is attached the Black Suit in Marvel Heroes.

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