Podcast # 395- Friday Night Silvermane Fight

podcast395picGeorge takes us back to 1982 for this Friday Night Fight for November. We take a look at Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man # 70. Spidey takes on Silvermane in a new robotic body. New kids on the block Cloak & Dagger also join into the fight.


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  1. ryan3178

    I was always a fan of Cloak and Dagger too. Add me into one of my early comic book crushes back in the day. There was a lot of retconning before they decided to stay with the dormant mutant X-Factor with the characters. Which then became a norm for various X-characters over the years who should have manifested powers at puberty like others but didn't. What was really funny is they were trying to depict Tyrone as a lot younger teen during Marvel Knights before setting him back up to much older years later and keeping that in style during the Ultimate versions that were introduced.

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