Drake Bell Wanted to Play the Live Action Spider-Man

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  1. FunnyNakedMan

    Honestly in my opinion I think he'd do pretty well if he ever got a live-action role as Spider-Man. I don't think he'd make it to the MCU level any time soon but if it was like in a musical or live-action tv role then maybe he could pull it off. I thought he was pretty funny as Dragonfly in that Spider-Man parody movie a while back and he's got some good acting props going on, so hopefully if he ever lives down that stigma of Ultimate Spider-Man from Spider-fans' eyes he may have a shot. Still though a small part of that might just be because I grew up watching Drake and Josh.

  2. Frontier

    @#8 - Well, considering Wacker is now heading Marvel Animation...then again, he's doing good work in improving the current cartoons so who knows? It stands to reason that peoples idea of Spider-Man going forward, and the one Marvel will likely push, will come out of the new MCU movie. I'd be shocked if Ultimate isn't cancelled or retooled to fit into that.

  3. Mark Alford

    We are getting a whole generation now that recognizes this as THE Spidey. What does say about the future of this character? Will he ever go back to being the down-on-his luck guy who cracks jokes to irritate his opponents rather than the loser joke of a character that he has become?

  4. Sano

    Watch like any recent episode of the cartoon and he does a little girl scream all the time. I didn't mind him before he started doing. Nobody needs to hear that in live action too.

  5. Al

    I'm sure he did want to play the live action Spider-Man. It'd help him deal with his bankrupcy. Seriously though, Belle at best has only ever been decent as Spider-Man never truly good or great like Barnes or Keaton

  6. Frontier

    @#4 - He wasn't bad in EMH, even if there was still the sting of him replacing Josh Keaton (who is obviously the superior Spidey voice). I think it all comes down to direction and content.

  7. Frontier

    All respect to Drake Bell, I think he's a decent actor and under certain circumstances a decent Spider-Man VA, but I wouldn't want to see him play Spider-Man in a live-action movie. I'm not sure if he'd make a good Invincible, maybe better as a voice then in live-action, but I've been waiting for someone to adapt that series for a long time. Bell wins points from me for referencing it ;).

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