62 Year Old Spider-Man Breaks Up Riot

JS75769966 62 year old Kevin Godin-Prior is a Spider-Man fan from England. He often enjoys dressing up like Spidey for community events. Earlier this month he dressed up like the webhead to help open a community center. He was a bit distracted when he saw a group of more than 30 people fighting in the street. He called “999” and then went over to intervene. 

They didn’t know what to make of it, a man dressed as Spider-Man.

“I’ve done about 40 citizens arrests since I was 18. I was 62 last week so I’m no spring chicken but I know how to look after myself and I’m in reasonable shape. I can use basic psychology. It’s always safety first with me. I’ve never gone in to any situation without an exit strategy.”

JS75769970By the time the police arrived the group had left. However Spidey stood his ground. This isn’t the first time he has broken up a crime. He stopped a man from beating up a shopkeeper. He opened up his shirt and the thug saw a Spider-Man suit underneath and said, “You don’t know who’re you’re dealing with.”  He then grabbed the man and didn’t let go until the police arrived. Check out this link for more info.