Podcast # 397-Spider-News, Holland Haircut, 62 Year Old Spidey, Slott/Jordan of Comics,

podcast397picThe gang tackles Spider-News for the month. Here are our topics. 

*Tom Holland has a familiar haircut for his appearance as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War
*Spider-Costume in the movie will have comic inspired back spider.
*Dan Slott’s will write Spider-Man until he’s fired.  
*Axel Alonso compares Dan Slot to Michael Jordan
*Two new spider species named after Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield
*Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone break up
*Spider-Tattoo fail
*Singer Rod Stewart can’t spell Spider-Man
*Actor Bruce Campbell says Macho Man was Savage in the sheets with his girlfriend. This topic is hillarious.
*Spider-Man saves couple from burning car
*62 Year old man dressed as Spidey breaks up a riot. 
*Steve Ditko’s 88th birthday


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(3) Comments

  1. Carnage 707

    I am so excited to see what the actual final Spidey suit in the MCU will look like. From everything I have read and seen hinted at so far, it seems to me it may be very heavily inspired by the original suit with the smaller eyes, web-pits, red and black color scheme instead of red and blue, and the original back and front spider-logos. Maybe we will even see the belt spot-light, and utility belt with spare web cartridges.

  2. Enigma_2099

    Axel Alonzo considers Slott to be the Michael Jordan of comics? ... someone tell that man to piss in a cup.

  3. MacFrankenstein

    I'd like to throw out a speculation I've had for Spider-man's new direction: is Peter Parker suddenly a tech guru so that the big box stores can sell Spider-man action toys? I'm a bit of a toy collector and I constantly see Spider-man packed in with some vehicle or such--the other day I saw a Playskool Spider-man with a motorcycle. Do an image search for "playskool spider-man" and you'll find Spider-man packed in with a Spider-van, a Spider-copter, a Spider-base playset, complete with a Prometheus Engineer Head Fixation size Spider-man head... Brad, if you haven't seen Bruce Campbell in a film called _Bubba Ho-tep_, you should...Bruce is in fine form in that film playing someone who might be Elvis Presley, aging less than gracefully in a haunted and decrepit Texas nursing home. Ozzy Davis plays someone who might be JFK. It's directed by Don Coscarelli and has a great soundtrack by Bryan Tyler. It's an almost perfect low budget horror film.

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