Podcast #398-Spider-Satellite 11 Reviews

podcast398-picThe Spider-Panel tackles 11 Spider-Satellite comics in this episode.
Spider-Man 2099 #1, 2-George
Secret Wars # 6-Mike

Spider-Island #4, 5-Mike 
Spider-Verse # 5-Zach 
Web Warriors #1-Zach
Spider-Gwen #1, #2-Ashley
Carnage # 1-Brad
All New, All Different  Avengers-#1-Brad


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  1. ryan3178

    I was in agreement with ANAD Avengers. It was ok, B for sure. See how issue 2 is and you are right the main villains of the story are tied to Nova. They are doing their best to keep Sam Alexander as Nova and Richard Rider as: "Forget him and move on!" I agree with everyone, 2099 is still the best Spider title right now. After issue 3, Peter David really took things up a notch.

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