Spider-Man and the Kingpin Inspired Ankle Bracelets?

It seems you learn something new everyday when you’re searching for front page Spidey news. I stumbled across this article that says a 1977 Spider-Man newspaper strip inspired the creation of the modern day ankle bracelet. It seems Stan Lee had the Kingpin create a tracking device for Spider-Man.
A judge in New Mexico read the comic strip in the paper and was inspired. The honorable Jack Love thought this would be a great way to eliminate overcrowding jails and have low level offenders stay at home.  Judge Love teamed up with  amateur engineer Mike Goss. Together they created the National Incarceration Monitoring and Control Services (NIMCOS).
More than 100 million Americans use ankle bracelets and they have the Kingpin of Crime to thank for it.


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  1. Mark Alford

    That is an awesome bit of trivia. I love stuff like that. The guy who created Wonder Woman was also the guy who created the polygraph test. Goes hand in hand with her lasso of truth.

  2. hornacek

    Star Trek has been hogging the spotlight for years with inspiring cell phones, smart phones, iPads, etc. It's about time Spidey got some credit.

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