Captain America: Civil War Trailer

This one doesn’t have any Spider-Man in it, but man does it look cool. What did you think? Comment below.

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  1. Jack

    Since this is in a Cap movie, naturally the focus is on Cap. I would also guess that Tony realized how easily "powers" can run out of control (e.g., his own self and the unexpected creation of Ultron). So there's some character progression going on there, from MCU Tony's contempt for government in film 1, to appreciation for Phil Coulson, then awareness of how his own super-mistakes nearly destroyed the world. I still agree with the "Tony side", regardless of the comic series' character assassinations of all the noble characters. IRL, people who could kill with a glance, or lift trains, or turn into giant green rage monsters, would need to be tracked. But the only way a story like this is works is if the government people in charge are written as unprincipled and/or idiots, which is a trope. Imagine who the whole story would fall apart if the people in charge were decent people, rather than Thaddeus Ross.

  2. jvl1031

    I'm not a fan of the Civil War storyline from the comics. I think it contributed to the destruction of Spider-man as we know him. Fortunately, the filmmakers have said that the movie's story will be different (thank God). I think it shows. I'm glad they're making this a personal story for Cap in just wanting to protect his friend. I was worried this would turn into Avengers 2.5 instead of being a Captain America movie, but it looks like they're keeping the focus on Cap where it should be. Some of the Marvel movies have been a little too jokey for my taste, but with the same people from Winter Soldier handling this film, I have hope it will be good.

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