Podcast #399 Spider-History November 1968

podcast399opicJR takes us back to November 1968 for this episode of Spider-History. During this month Amazing Spider-Man #66 came out. Also the Spectacular Spider-Man magazine #2 came out. This often over-looked classic has one of the best Norman Osborn/ Green Goblin stories in it. And it has a beautiful cover that was painted by John Romita. As if that wasn’t enough, it also holds a special place in JR’s heart, as it sealed his life-long love for the character with him.


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(3) Comments

  1. ryan3178

    Another great one but yeah, what were they thinking .35 cents? Of course I remember in the early 80s there were some comics that read: "Still .35 cents" including Powerman and Iron Fist. Still, great history episode as always.

  2. xonathan

    HOLY CRAP! Just finished the podcast. THANKS for the Thwip Studios plug! Seriously, thank you Brad and JR. Here's the link if anyone's wondering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmYHIRFaHBk

  3. xonathan

    I can think of two reasons why Stan speak is endearing and Slott speak sucks. 1) We didn't pay $4.99 for Stan speak 2) Stan speak was a product of its time. Everyone was doing it. In fact, Stan was doing it better, that's why Marvel was more popular than everyone else. But comics have evolved. And Most authors take it seriously. With Slott speak it's a regression, not an improvement or even following the norms of our present time.

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