Return of the Goblin with JR By Thwip Studios

If you haven’t subscribed to the Thwip Studios videos on youtube, you really need to. JR from our podcast portrays Norman Osborn/ Green Goblin in a few of them and he’s awesome!


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  1. ryan3178

    Well done, JR. Really captured Norman in both personas very well. Especially the opening and playing with the action figures.

  2. hornacek

    The Thwip Studios videos have been hit-or-miss with me. They condense the stories down way too much. Plus, how can you do The Death of Jean DeWolff and leave out Daredevil? Still I have high hopes for this one. It's a great story, and the more we get to hear J.R. as Norman/Goblin the better. Plus it's one of J.R.'s favorite Goblin stories drawn by one of his least-favorite artists.

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