Coming this Friday Night: The 2015 Live Caller Podcast Edition of the Crawl Space!

images1Want to be on the podcast? Here’s your chance this Friday at 9 pm central.  

Brad and the Gang are needing your voice to be heard on the Spider-Man Crawl Space Podcast. The process is simple:
1. Download Skype. It’s Free.
2. Add “webheadspidey” as your handle.
3. Write in your “status” Crawl Space Green Room
Once you’ve completed the steps, you’ll be added to the virtual green room. Where I will moderate the green room during the show. You can discuss anything you like just don’t break the Golden Rule of Crawl Space Live Caller Episodes:

Please do not attempt to call Brad (or me) on the green room.

This is because it will interrupt our recording software.

Finally, Please be prepared. Have a couple questions ready to go. We will let each person have their turn.

We certainly enjoy the show, and this is your way to ask us the burning questions on your mind.


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