Update: Deadline Friday; Help Wanted: Reviewers

Update: The deadline to submit a sample review is this Friday at 7 pm central. 

There are a lot of new Spider-books that I need reviewers on. Here are the ones I need. 
*Second reviewer on Amazing Spider-Man
*Guardians of the Galaxy-Venom-centric reviews
*Invincible Iron Man-Mary Jane-centric
*Web Warriors
*Spider-Man/ Deadpool
*All New Avengers-Miles-centric
If you’re interested send me an e-mail with a sample review and I’ll make a decision as soon as I can. Please be unique and follow the general format we use on the other reviews on the site. Also spend more time on your thoughts of the book than a recap. Your plot summary should be short. We read the reviews to get your opinion. Please list your top 3 books you’d like to tackle. Please send in the reviews ASAP, these jobs tend to fill very quickly.