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Spier-Man-at-workThank you to everyone who submitted a sample review. I appreciate so many people that want to help continue to make this the best Spider-Man fan site online. After some careful review with my staff, here’s who we picked to be reviewing the various Spider-Titles. 

Amazing Spider-Man will have two reviewers. Mark Alford who writes the bi-weekly Cobwebs articles will review the title. Also I picked Neil Bogenrieder. He’s already written his first review where you can find here.
Iron Man- Mohammed Jaafar from London will be tackling Mary Jane’s adventures with old Shellhead. His first review is here. 
All New Avengers- Ryan Read will chronicle Miles’ adventures with the 616 Avengers
Web Warriors-James Hynes will be tackling the multiple spiders in this title. He’s already uploaded his first review here.
Carnage & Guardians of the Galaxy with Venom-Big John is returning to tackle these two books. He previous reviewed for us and I’m happy he’s back.
Spidey- Sean Whetston will be tackling the early adventures of the non-Amazing Spider-Man.
Spider-Man/ Deadpool-This team up comic will be tackled by Ryan Edmends who is a huge Deadpool fan. He will also be reviewing action figures for the site. He also has a popular podcast where he reviews action figures. You can find that here .

Silk, Spider-Woman and Venom- Shaun Martineau our longtime reviewer is keeping up the same quality he’s done for years. He’s trimmed back his work load to…oh just three books. He just reviewed Silk and Spider-Woman #1. Check it out on this link.
Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales Spider-Man-Javi Trujillo is also returning to tackle Gwen and Miles’ adventures. He just wrote up the wrap up of the Ultimate universe with this review.

Spider-Man 2099-Our buddy George Berryman will continue tackling the futuristic adventures of Spidey. 

Tangled Webs-Thomas Mets will also  continue to write his excellent bi-weekly series tackling a bit of Spider-History. 

Please join me in welcoming this new batch of reviewers to the front page. I appreciate all their hard work and I look forward to reading their two cents on the world of Spidey. Also please comment on the reviews. It takes a lot of work to put them together and it’s a lot of fun to get feedback and discuss the issue with the reviewer. 

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  1. BD - Post author

    Yes Cobwebs will continue. That and Tangled Webs are two of my favorite new things we started here on the site in 2015. I also want to thank Andrew for his great reviews of Amazing Spider-Man. He is dropping the title and sent in his resignation as I was picking out new reviewers. He always had his reviews out in a timely manner and they were quality each and every time. I e-mailed him that he has an open invitation back if he ever wants to do something Spidey related again.

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