Better Look at Spider-Man Civil War Costume?

Earlier this week there was talk of a hoodie resembling the Spider-Man costume in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie. I found several better quality images. An online retailed called Merchoid is selling the hoodie and added this text. If this is indeed the look of the costume, what do you think? 

There’s been lots of talk online and people have been really excited that this could be what reveals the new look Spider-man. However, Marvel is doing a fantastic job of keeping the new Spider-man costume under wraps, so we haven’t seen it yet! What we can say is this hoodie was designed in partnership with Marvel, who provided all the design elements from their 2016 merchandise range, including the ‘messy’ webbing which we haven’t yet seen in any prior Spider-man costume. We’re really excited to see what Spider-man fans think! If this is the first look at the new costume, are you happy with the new direction?

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  1. Bill

    I thought the whole point of Marvel/Disney getting Spider-Man back into the fold was to make his on-screen character more comic-accurate, not less. I am really hoping the new movie Spider-Man will be clad in his classic costume (or at least something very close), not this modern "Hot Topic" update. Hopefully this is not the look they will be using in the upcoming movies.

  2. Realspideyfan

    I can definitely see this as the costume and I'm guessing hell no longer be spider-man but spider-Pete who comes from a dimension where he got bit by the spider instead of Gwen Stacy who in the mcu will be called silky Gwen.

  3. Jam

    Cool hoodie. But am highly doubtful this is the costume for the movie. Think marvel will be playing spider-man very close to the chest, not releasing any spoilers.

  4. spideymaddox

    Spidey wont be wearing a hoodie in the movie. the hoodie is just merchandise based on the look of the film. that website also has a similar Iron Man hoodie and we know Tony Stark wont be crime fighting in a hoodie.

  5. Spider-Dad

    If this is the real costume, then I believe it is a step backwards. About the only thing that was widely praised in ASM2 was the costume. If the Spider-Man portrayal is jokey and this is his costume, it would not surprise me if it is poorly received. Spider-Man already has to battle "another reboot" fatigue and all the negative perception that will bring, so I am hopeful that Marvel plays it a bit "safe" and goes with what works...This does not douse my enthusiasm for Cap3, but does make me wary of the Spider-Man appearance.

  6. Javi Trujillo

    Hard to say. Though to big, I like the spider. Not a fan of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon shoulders as it looks like something is missing. I hope the elbow pads aren't part of the look either! The messy webs may work for a stylized hoodie, but we'll see if it translates to the silver screen.

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