Daily Archives: January 19, 2016

  • Spidey Civil War Rumors

    Geek.Com are reporting some interesting news about Captain America: Civil  War. I’ll put it after the break if anyone wants to avoid potential spoilers.  A source has told Geek.Com Spider-Man will be on Iron Man’s side in the upcoming installment in the MCU. This source says that Tony Stark has…

  • Tangled Webs: Marvel VS DC

    Spider-Man’s the flagship character for the Marvel Universe, so it might be interesting to compare the differences with the distinguished competition. What attributes of the Spider-Man comics are the result of being published by Marvel, and what would he be like if he were a DC character? I’ve noticed some…

  • Iron Max on NBC Nightly News

    If you read Iron Man #4 recently, yes the one with Mary Jane, I’m sure you saw Iron Max in it. Check out his story with this video. Good job buddy! See the video after the jump.