Podcast #407-ASM (Vol 4) #5 and #6 Reviews

podcast407picThe gang tackles two issues this month. They are:
*Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 4) #5
*Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 5) #6

We give grades, list pros and cons and discuss them in-depth of what worked and didn’t.


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(5) Comments

  1. powerpackers90

    I don’t get how the Miley Cyrus thing is a big deal. He’s always made pop culture jokes like that. It’s no different then him saying “Well I aint Ring Starr” in the Ditko Era. I hate auto correct

  2. powerpackers90

    I don't get how the Miley Cyrus thing is a big deal. He's all ways made pop culture jokes like that. It's no different then i'm saying "Well I aint Ring Starr" in the Ditko Era.

  3. krankyboy

    I'm rooting for my favorite character to fail. Not what you want your reader -- who loves Spider-Man -- to be doing.Although the podcast panel did a good job with the various "cons" with each issue (the art in #6 really did make Peter look like an old fart), I'd also like to add that I can't stand this silly high tech costume which can essentially blink on with a press of a button and melt away -- with a suit and tie often underneath it, no less -- at will a few times in issue #5 (Alex Ross' cover for ASM #8 shows Peter performing the traditional shirt rip to reveal the costume -- but we know that won't be in the actual book).

  4. tevya smolka

    i agree with all of these points because this series is really really bad and all of these plot points make no sense what's even worst is that with secret wars over nothing from renew your vows that i liked even carried over to this new series so what was the point why is this series trying so hard to be a iron man comic it sucks it's boring iron man is way better then this but that's just my opinion anyways i am just hoping that after this entire story comes crashing down lets just hope that we get new blood pretty soon because this story sucks but that's just my opinion :(

  5. ryan3178

    I agree on all points, this book is just bad. Plots that make no sense, plot twists that make even more sense. Plus, now with Secret Wars over, half of the stuff still doesn't make sense. Even though it was just revealed that how Parker Industries skyrocketed in the last 8 months is getting revealed this summer.

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