Colbert Says Science Ruined Spider-Man


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  1. hornacek

    Barring any copyright issues, I hope Colbert's version of the theme song appears in an upcoming podcast episode.

  2. WolfCypher

    This just in! Cornell University have just released studies proving glasses are NOT a disguise for Superman, Research from Princeston prove that the Hulk's pants cannot realistically stretch that way Harvard nay-sayers say nay that May may be Ben's bae Yale disproves that one man dressed as a bat could be in multiple comic books at once...also says that Gotham prooooobaly doesn't exist, but the ruling is still out. Funding for research in cancer postponed, diverted into a fund to prove that the Incursions could NOT happen. "Doctor Doom did NOT beat the Beyonders", explains Brown University's Doctor Victor Van Damme.

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