“Dead No More” tied to Spider-Man


It was just revealed by Comic Book Resources that Marvel’s “Dead No More” teaser which was released just a couple of weeks ago has ties to Spider-Man, and that it could also be a main event of Spidey himself, unfortunately, we might have to wait for that answer when it’s revealed within the pages of the FCBD issue of Captain America #1.

Marvel also included this brief description to go with the new teaser

“If you got a chance to bring back someone who died, would you? And how will CLASSIFIED deal when ones they thought long dead once again walk the earth?”

Who do you think is set for a comeback


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  1. Man of Sin

    Yeah, Anya's Spider-Girl series did far worse than Mattie's(18 issues vs 8 issues). As for interest: I know well-known Marvel editor and writer CB Cebulski wanted to wrote more about Mattie after The Loners mini-series and originally Marvel told other writers to hold off on using her until he got his plans together. Obviously, Marvel changed their minds and said "fuck you" to both Cebulski and anyone who enjoyed The Loner.

  2. Jack

    I just don't see there being a ton of interest in Mattie, but who knows? I don't think there's much interest in Anya, either, but they still have her.

  3. hornacek

    @38 - Mattie was Spider-Woman in the Mackie/Byrne reboot with her own Spider-Woman title. Originally she didn't have a spider-sense or wall-crawling, but she had strength, agility, speed and reflexes similar to Spidey. And then later she got wall-crawling from the evil Spider-Woman (I hate myself for remembering all of this).

  4. Man of Sin

    @Jack In regards to Mattie, we have WAY more spider-men than spider-girls. Peter, Miles, the male web-warriors, and Venom. Marvel is currently pushing diversity. Besides, Mattie wasn't really a Spider-Girl as in she didn't really have any spider-powers.

  5. Nick MB

    @36 That would be quite clever. Both a genuine fulfillment of the teaser and a logical continuation of the Superior storyline. I actually hope you're right.

  6. Will

    It will be Ben Reilly with a twist: Doc Ock will be taking over the resurrected Reilly's body. Think about it: Dan gets SpOck back and it is the ultimate FU to Reilly fans...

  7. ryan3178

    #29 I'm thinking the same and not to mention, Dan Slott has gone on record several times that Mysterio is one of his favorite Spider-Man villain despite his constant love for Doc Ock. The clues are all there, theatrics, tricks, and more. Plus, I went with the theory since he was stuck in the now "dead" Ultimate Universe. That Universe had several of the Spider-Man casts doubles who were still very much alive. Plus, as shown in Secret Wars, characters who did not have a counter part were put into the new Earth Prime but the Future Foundation. Plus, if you remember, Miles mother was brought back as a gift from the Molecule Man. I can see our Master of Illusion using alternate universes of the various cast members and just brainwashing them. Something he has been known to do many times into thinking they are their Earth Prime counter parts. Which would make it more theatric, they are real, but not who both parties think they are.

  8. Evan

    I just remember the excitement generated by Renew Your Vows, not particularly helped by Dan Slott's Twitter posts. So -- Meh.

  9. Chase the Blues Away

    #17: You. Nailed. It. #29: That's my theory, too. We'll know you're right when Dan Slott throws flames at you without provocation on other message boards. And regardless of who comes back, we all know this "event" will have wooden expository dialogue, cardboard characters acting like cardboard (including Peter), and a plot that repeats story beats and doesn't really advance until all of a sudden the bad guy rolls over and capitulates for no reason other than it's time for the story (using the word lightly) to end.

  10. Neil Bogenrieder

    Personal bet is going to Silver Sable or Kaine. Uncle Ben would unravel the character entirely (even Marvel isn't that stupid, though that may be in debate right now), Gwen Stacy would be just a cheap ploy to market the Emma Stone version (Earth-Somethingoranother) and Ben Reilly just seems... strange to bring back. @20- Jack- Oh, Jack, you poor soul. Marvel isn't a regime. It's a dictatorship. It's all the rage now in the comics industry. @27- Tiger Topher- It would certainly be a relief for myself. I'm assuming Mark would be relieved as well.

  11. Stillanerd

    Well, knowing how much I am a sucker for speculating things pertaining to Spider-Man, I have a rather provocative theory, which I explain in my own write-up about this below, and that's this: What if no one actually is "Dead No More?" What if the dead are still dead and it's all just a trick. A rather <I>mysterious</I> trick. ;) http://whateveraspidercan.com/2016/01/27/next-spider-man-event-dead-no-more/

  12. Frontier

    @#24 - It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of people who saw the ASM movies thought Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy was exactly like Gwen Stacy in the comics. Which is a big issue, in my opinion.

  13. Al

    My theory? All these people were resurrected by Secret Wars or else that these are AU versions who slipped in during the incursions. So Gwen will 'come back' but it won't be THE Gwen but her history will be the same. But I doubt they'll keep her around. Not when they have Spider-Gwen and Slott wouldn't want to ship Peter with anyone who isn't his pet creation,

  14. hornacek

    @23 - It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the people that saw ASM2 but didn't know Gwen's history in the comics thought that the movie's writers decided to kill her off but that she was still alive in the comics.

  15. WolfCypher

    @22 To those who saw Gwen in ASM2 and are asking "Where's Gwen", I have to ask them... ...did you NOT pay attention to ASM2? How can you have seen ASM2 and ask why she's not in the core books? She DIED! THAT'S where she is, and where she should stay!... ...is what I would say to those people.

  16. hornacek

    If it's Marvel's decision then it's Gwen. Ever since Emma Stone's portrayal Marvel Comics has been obsessed with her. They don't care that bringing her back would be spitting on one of the most iconic comic book stories of all time. As far as they're concerned, Gwen should be alive because people saw her in ASM1 and ASM2 and are asking them "Where's Gwen?" I can't see anyone else on that list that they would use this event to bring back from the dead (I liked Jean DeWolf but who is emailing Marvel telling them to bring her back?). You just know that Slott already has plans to bring Doc Ock back, you can tell from his appearances as the Living Brain that Slott will likely return his consciousness to his own body somehow.

  17. Cheesedique

    You guys aren't thinking obscure enough: -Ned Leeds: Slott will re-write it so Leeds brainwashed Kingsley to be Hobgoblin before Kingsley brainwashed him! -Charlie - back from the grave after Peter mashed her face in during Spidey Vs Wolverine--she's back and she's pissed! Charlie-Pool series coming atcha! -Nathan Lubinsky - back to get his chick back from that Jameson Sr douchebag. Merges with Ock's consciousness to become the Superior Lubinsky. You're welcome for the ideas, Slott.

  18. Jack

    And it would create a firestorm of upset, which the current Marvel regime thinks is the same thing as "customer excitement".

  19. Jack

    More seriously, consider Marvel's value-system. It needs to be someone who will sell scads of issues, create tons of buzz, upset/antagonize the fan base, and serve the purposes of the MCU. Who fits that bill? Kaine is not dead. I don't believe Sable was ever dead, and Julia Carpenter already told Peter that Sable isn't dead. Nobody cares about the original Madame Web. The Spider-Verse is already overrun with Spider-Girls, so why would they throw the relatively unlamented Mattie Franklin onto that overstocked pile? Uncle Ben has reappeared a few times already as a ghost, and undoing his death would unravel everything Peter is about (though I don't put it past Marvel to do something that dumb). Jean DeWolf? I agree with "unlikely." I don't see how she sells issues and creates buzz. Ben Reilly? We have too many spider-guys now as it is, same reason why I don't guess it'll be Mattie Franklin. I'm going to guess Doc Ock, because Slott and editorial really want to milk the SSM cow just one more time. My long shot is Gwen Stacy, because: Quesada almost brought her back before, so they were willing to consider it; since then we've had Emma Stone's dynamic re-invention of the character; MCU/Sony plans a new series of Spider-Man films (reintroducing Peter as a teen) so they might want Gwen Stacy available to them; they moved MJ out of ASM over to Iron Man, so there is a blank space where a real girlfriend character could be (this current Chinese girl Lian is a nothing).

  20. PeterParkerfan

    @12 He is? I didn't know that. Hope he returns soon... @13 "MC2 Peter Parker" THIS! Yeah, they shouldn't have killed him off in the first place.

  21. Jack Brooks

    Choose the most commercialized and least narratively defensible option, that will be the one.

  22. ryan3178

    I'm pretty sure it applies to the man in red who has been bringing "dead" characters to assemble a new Sinister Six. However, I do believe we will see the return of a long dead Spider-Man character as a result. My best guest is not Kaine or Doc Ock. As we know they are returning, but I'm thinking Gwen too.

  23. Yvonmukluk

    MC2 Peter Parker! Hell, ALL of the dead Spider-Men from Spider-Verse. Except for SpOck &amp; Patton Parnell.

  24. Al

    @#6: I don’t think it will be Doc Ock because if this is about Spider-Man Spidey wouldn’t want Otto to return. It’ll be Ben or Gwen but either way won’t be permanent. @#7: Kaine is already alive, just off the radar @#10: Ooooooh good catch that’d be really really...boring...we already brought his parents back. @#11: Nope.

  25. David Geier

    Could it be that 616 Spider-man is dying in Civil War 2 to be replaced with The original Ultimate Spider-man?

  26. brian

    I know it! KRAVEN!! Ah...no, they already did that... Harry? The same... Doc Ock?... Norman? I dont care at all.

  27. Man of Sin

    I want it to be Mattie Franklin. I liked her in The Loners mini-series and CB Cebulski wanted to(and promised to) write more about her. Sadly, the higher-ups at Marvel killed her in Grim Hunt in order to push Anya as Spider-Girl(they also crapped on Julia Carpenter). And boy, was her death handled poorly as she was just an another helpless woman being fridged. Worse part was that they didn't have it impact her family the Jamesons(she was JJJ's niece who he viewed as a daughter and adopted to make up for his failed relationship with his son) or her mentor Jessica Drew. They acted liked she didn't even exist. Most readers didn't know who Mattie was when she was killed, but now she has become more known than ever with the popularity of the Jessica Jones Netflix series and recent reprints of Jessica Jones: Alias that the series is based on. I've seen Mattie mentioned in many articles and discussions about the series lately. Alias featured the Jamesons being horrified about their niece being kidnapped, used as a sort of MGH and involuntary prostitute. In the end she is saved by both Jones and Drew. So the Jamesons and Jessica not being impacted by Mattie's death is insultingly bad storytelling and I'm glad many people are noticing it.

  28. Rama

    Ugh....it is gonna be Gwen Stacey. Marvel probably thinks that is the only that can make us shut up about Mary Jane.....they are wrong, like always, but they think that.

  29. WolfCypher

    Ultimate Peter makes it into the 616 Marvel says fuck it and finally brings back Gwen. Gwen is in more things now then Peter, its sad. Ben Reilly teaser. Marvel puts their wang out there and instead of calling the cops for indecent exposure, you all reach for it. The man in red who keeps bringing people back from the dead is the headliner of this event. Any of those could be the case, but one things for sure, it'll be another cluttered, poorly executed event that interferes with all the other, better Spider-books. Dan Slott appears to ALL CAPS me for speculating.

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