Stanford Scientists to Colbert: Spider-Man’s Powers Can Exist In the Real World

Stephen Colbert recently did a bit about a Cambridge University study suggesting that Spider-Man’s wall-crawling powers can not exist in the real world. Elliot Hawkes, an engineer from Stanford disagrees, since he and his colleagues invented something that would let a person crawl up a wall.


H/T Gizmodo

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  1. hornacek

    I wouldn't take anything Stanford engineers say seriously. According to The Simpsons, it is not a great school. Lisa: Thanks a lot, everybody. Now, I'll never get into an Ivy League school. Bart: You're going to Stanford, you're going to Stanford ... Homer and Bart: You're going to Stanford! Lisa: Take it back! Take it back! Homer: Stanford. (I like quoting this whenever someone mentions Stanford. It doesn't happen as often as you think.)

  2. Spider-Dad

    Also, both Cambridge and Stanford must not have heard about Alain Roberts, you know the French dude who has climbed various skyscrapers with his bare hands. True, he cannot climb on ceilings, but I don't see him using any lame thing Stanford created...

  3. Spider-Dad

    Funny thing is Cambridge study did not say Spider-Man cannot exist, but that it was naturally "impractical". In other words, Spidey would need really large hands and feet, presumably making it very difficult to maintain his secret identity. I agree with Colbert, science is typically fun, but in this case it is a bit of a buzz kill.

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