Podcast # 408-Spider-News, Hoodie, Bell in Jail, Carnage Lava Lamp

podcast408picThe Spider-Panel talks about the latest Spider-News. Topics include:
*A new hoodie is allegedly a first look at the new Spider-Man costume in the Captain America: Civil War movie. 
*Ultimate Spider-Man voice actor Drake Bell is facing jail time for a DUI.
*New Carnage Lava Lamp product
*Stan Lee loosing his eyesight and unable to read comics
*Russo Brothers talk about Spidey in the new movie
*Animate Spider-Man movie delayed
*Jumping photobomb Spidey kid goes viral
*Spider-Man goes to the wrong country in comic.  


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(6) Comments

  1. PartyHardy

    @1 & 3: Ultimate fans unite! Everything up through Ultimatum was such a memorable adventure. I wish I could relive reading it without, you know, remembering how they ripped my heart out at the end ;-;

  2. Jack

    And here's some more Spider-type news: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/woman-25-survives-plunge-george-washington-bridge-article-1.2518202

  3. pseudomucho

    Definitely agree that Peter should make the costume himself. The hoodie probably (and hopefully) isn't the suit we'll see in Civil War.

  4. Jam

    @USMRetro I'm with you about ultimate spider-man. I often read the series and think it's the best run of spider-man I've read!

  5. USMRetro

    Hey, Ultimate Spider-Man used to be good too. Ultimate Peter is my favorite version of the character. The cartoon is crap and I don't care about Miles, but at one time USM was great

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