Podcast #409-Spider-History January 1988

Podcast409picOur first 2016 Spider-History with JR takes us back to January 1988. In this episode we review

*Amazing Spider-Man #296
*Spectacular Spider-Man #134
*Web of Spider-Man # 34


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  1. Jeff Gutman

    As someone who personally knew Carol Kalish, I can attest that she was an amazing person. She was genuinely interested in meeting young fans like myself and hearing what we liked, didn't like, etc. I told her I was an aspiring writing and she invited me to visit her at the marvel offices to submit my stories in person. I have photos from that trip in 1987 and she was a gracious host who took the time to come out and meet with me in the offices. She came from the marketing world, but she understood that the fans drove the market and if she was going to improve marvels sales numbers, she needed to understand what fans, retailers etc were looking for. Marvel needs someone like her now. When she passed away from cancer a few later, she left a void that has never been filled.

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