Updated:Dan Slott writer of “Dead No More” event

twitterslottBD Update: It seems Mohamed maybe close with his prediction that Spider-Man will be involved in the “Dead No More” event. However that maybe not quite 100% accurate. Writer Dan Slott wrote this to us on Twitter .



Comic Book Resources has just released information that “Dead No More” is indeed a Spidey event as it will be…

While the press release simply lists Dan Slott as the co-writer on the “Captain America” issue, the cover art reveals that he and artist Javier Garron are teaming for the first chapter of “Dead No More.” Slott’s involvement, combined with the Spidery teaser for the event, would indicate that it’s pretty much a lock that “Dead No More” is Spider-Man related.

Coming Free Comic Book Day!


Thanks for the update BD

I’ve located the solicit for those wanting a reminder:

Steve Rogers is returning to comics this May, and you can get your first taste on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. This issue will get you caught up just in time for the release of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, coming to comics later in May!

Three Captain Americas fought shoulder-to-shoulder in AVENGERS: STANDOFF. Now, one rises to take his place at the forefront of the Marvel Universe! Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz usher in a new beginning for the nation’s greatest hero!

But that’s not all! FCBD CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 will also feature a second all-new story and a special prelude to DEAD NO MORE, giving fans their first look at the blockbuster storyline coming later this year. If you got a chance to bring back someone who died, would you? And how will CLASSIFIED deal when ones they thought long dead once again walk the earth?

TOP SECRET and TOP SECRET unite to bring you the opening salvo of Dead No More, a major storyline coming in 2016!


Author: Mohammed << Head here for my previous posts

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  1. PartyHardy

    Kudos to Brad for handling this so gracefully. At this point I think the drama surrounding "Dead No More" is far more interesting that whatever the actual product will be :P

  2. Jack

    Let all who come here because Dan Slott told them this is a hate-site, and you were curious, notice just how not-hateful things are here. Congratulations to BD/CS on not getting baited by the Slott-troll.The ability to distinguish between critique of one's /work/ and criticism of one's /self/ is one mark of a grown-up.

  3. Phantom Roxas

    Slott tweeted on January 26th: "It's a big Spider-Man story." I should specify that it was *the exact same day* we got the teaser with the webs on it. His tweet was posted roughly five hours after CBR ran its piece.http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/marvels-new-dead-no-more-teaser-has-spidery-twist https://twitter.com/DanSlott/status/692175128034156546I supposed I should not that the question he responded to specifically asked if it was an event. So… I think Hairychap was right by saying the solicit never says "event", but that is such a pathetic nitpick, and looks at the most minor thing to yell at the Crawlspace. But again, *CBR* says that: "Slott's involvement, combined with the Spidery teaser for the event…" So there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Mohammed reported that CBR hadn't already said anyway.What I'm trying to say is, every possible thing you think Mohammed supposedly got wrong, either CBR had already said, or Mohammed had never said at all. It's Slott reading the article that was in his head instead of what was put on the page.

  4. Jason

    @24 Not only does Classified seem like more than one person (they), but you also have the pronoun "ones" which seems to indicate more than one person is coming back from the dead.I go back to what someone else said previously - perhaps it's not a Spidey story, but a Peter Parker story. The they are his parents. Makes sense because they were working for the government and were killed by someone Red Skull (an enemy of Captain America) brought in to assassinate them.

  5. Mark Alford

    O.K., I'm taking Slott's advice and re-reading the solicit."But that’s not all! FCBD CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 will also feature a second all-new story and a special prelude to DEAD NO MORE, giving fans their first look at the blockbuster storyline coming later this year. If you got a chance to bring back someone who died, would you? And how will CLASSIFIED deal when ones they thought long dead once again walk the earth?TOP SECRET and TOP SECRET unite to bring you the opening salvo of Dead No More, a major storyline coming in 2016!"Let's assume that nothing else that transpired after that tweet happened and just take it for what he said. "Close." When I look back at the solicit and try to see if there is a clue to understanding it better, I do not have a lot to go on. But I do have my knowledge of grammar. We don't know who CLASSIFIED is, but it is the antecedent for the pronoun they that follows. They = plural. If whoever wrote the solicit is correct, then CLASSIFIED is not Spider-Man because Spider-Man is singular. So maybe the clue given to us to understand this is to figure out what group of people CLASSIFIED are. We know that it is a Spider-Man event. Alex Alonso confirmed it, so I don't think Slott was saying it is not a Spider-Man event. So that begs the question, who are CLASSIFIED?Or maybe I'm trying to hard to see a clue that isn't really there.

  6. Phantom Roxas

    All that the solicit said is that Slott is writing Dead No More, so I think Slott was chewing out the Crawlspace for the association with Spider-Man. But again, it was *CBR* that pointed it out, and the Crawlspace just pointed to that. It's like Slott's desperation for covering up spoilers, so he was trying to point to the solicit NOT *explicitly* referring to Spider-Man. Even though I'm pretty sure HE HAD ALREADY TWEETED that it's a big Spider-Man event. So CBR drew a connection Slott CONFIRMED before, and Mohammed repeated what CBR said. Yet somehow Slott thinks it's the CRAWLSPACE'S fault. He is trying to say the Crawlspace is wrong just because "Dan Slott's Spider-Man: Dead No More" or whatever wasn't revealed all at once. He's complaining for the sake of complaining. The Crawlspace got nothing wrong, so yeah, he saw an opportunity and went for it, even when his argument made no sense. He is desperate to whine about the Crawlspace. That was his priority. Making sense could come after the fact, or rather for him, it's the Crawlspace. He's already decided we deserve to be mocked, so we aren't own any sense from HIM, because he just thinks we all lack our own sense.

  7. Ryan3178

    Pretty much Slott saw an opportunity to bash the Crawlspace and away he went. It's gotten as old as Miley Cyrus still being given offers for shows. Just stop.

  8. RDMacQ

    So, what EXACTLY did Crawlspace get wrong in it's reporting of Dead No More as a Spider-Man event? Because it's pretty clear that they were correct and Slott had no basis TO correct them. Or to bitch them out later AFTER they apologized for the mistake. If there even was one.

  9. Phantom Roxas

    It's tunnel vision. Slott likes to believe that anyone who hates him and his work must only feel that way for very specific reasons, namely residual hatred over One More Day. Yet considering how Slott has admitted to searching his own name whenever there's something relevant to his interests, I wouldn't be surprised if he searched for Dead No More, found the Crawlspace, and BECAUSE it's the Crawlspace, he decided to start a fight based on the barest of reasons he could manage.

  10. Chase the Blues Away

    So let's see if I get this straight:Crawlspace tweets what every other comic book site has reported: based on the teaser image of a spider-web, and the announcement of Dan Slott's involvement (involvement which he confirmed prior to the announcement via his Twitter), "Dead No More" is a Spider-Man event.Dan Slott decided to "correct" BD's tweet. Even though there is absolutely no correction necessary, and even though BD's tweet explicitly links to the story on CBR.SRSLY?!Look, I get that Dan is...upset, shall we say....because this website does not put him on a pedestal and actually reviews his work on its own (or lack thereof) merits. And the message board moderators do not give Dan a free pass to railroad and denigrate fans who disagree with him, unlike his preferential treatment elsewhere. If you follow the Twitter conversation thread, Dan goes on yet another Twitter tirade about this, making it social media meltdown #12837873807580.But this one really is the height of pettiness, as the original tweet had absolutely nothing wrong, offensive or incorrect. And yet Dan is SOOOOO overwhelmed, he can no longer write two issues of Amazing Spider-Man a month. Perhaps disconnecting from the internet might make Dan...less upset, shall we say...and also allow him to get more work done?

  11. Frontier

    @#11 - I'm sure they're eventually going to give Steve his shield back, but they're probably leaving it with Sam right now to give him more legitimacy as the other Captain America now that Steve is back.

  12. Mark Alford

    It's not just that Slott is writing it that suggests Spidey, but the first teaser image was a red curtain with a big spider web over the front. Those two together suggests Spider-Man heavily.

  13. Jason

    Is the only basis for people saying this is a Spidey event due to the fact Slott is involved? Other than the upcoming movie, I can't see any correlation between Captain America and Spidey.What exactly does the solicit say?

  14. Phantom Roxas

    I swear that EVERY OTHER SITE has decided that this is a Spider-Man event. Comic Book Resources, Slott's favorite echo chamber and hidey-hole, was the one making the assumption. This article is even pointing to CBR as the making pointing the information in that direction. Slott is resorting to his favorite "You fail reading comprehension" tactic by saying to step back and read the solicit again. Like… say you got it right. Why is Slott telling you to step back? I really don't think he was trying to correct a mistake. I think he just wanted an excuse to point out an error - ANY error - in the Crawlspace's reporting that he could chastise.

  15. PeterParkerfan

    Wait, steve is back as the Cap?! Oh, thank heavens. Now I can start reading Captain Amarica comics again... but... SLOTT?? Why the heck Marvel hire him to write this? Ugh, he's gonna do ruin the book

  16. herbiepopnecker

    @#8 Yep - read about it on newkadia page - new shield can divide into two parts. Really, don't see the sense of that, the round shiled seems more use to me, but that's Me.

  17. Al

    Wouldn't it make more sense to have Sam Wilson get the new shield and give Cap the old one. I mean Cap knows how to use that better than Sam who's still mastering it. Doesn't ake much sense to have 2 A-listers learning the best way to handle new shields.

  18. Jam

    Proud of the way BD didn't retaliate or take the bait and get into a fight with slott... Would of made spidey proud! Big respect from me brad!

  19. hornacek

    @7 - Apparently we're going to have both "Steve Rogers Captain America" (with chevron-shaped (?) shield) and "Sam Wilson Captain America" (with round shield).

  20. hornacek

    I didn't think it was possible for me to be less interested in this event."... Slott’s involvement, combined with the Spidery teaser for the event, would indicate that it’s pretty much a lock that 'Dead No More' is Spider-Man related."I stand corrected.

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