Near-Mint Amazing Fantasy #15 To Be Auction Off

Amazing Fantasy 15

A 9.4 graded copy of the FIRST appearance of Spider-Man is to be auctioned of this month and is expected fetch in the amount of $400,000 or for those in the UK £276,422, if not more. 

So, if any of you out there have DEEP pockets and want to try your luck, you might want to head down to Heritage Auctions’ in Dallas for the Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction, which takes place from 18th – 20th February, 2016 (via Fine Books & Collections).

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  1. Aussiesmurf

    @3 Jason - The short video says that the seller bought it in 1980 for $400.00 and kept it in a safe-deposit box for 35 years.

  2. Jason

    @4 Agreed. I am jealous. Also hating on my grandparents for throwing out my parents comics and baseball cards.

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