Spider-man / Deadpool (2016) #2 Review

“So apparently if you look up Peter Parker on wikitionary your computer cracks open, kills your aunties, and pus. Dead puppies and needle toothed clowns fall out.” – Wade Wilson on Parker Industries CEO Peter Parker, Feb 2016

SMDP2 cover

Writer Joe Kelly

Penciller Ed McGuinness

Inker Mark Morales

Colour Artist Jason Keith

Letter Joe Sabino

Editors Jordan White and Nick Lowe


Opening thought

So it has been a month since we got our hands on Spider-man / Deadpool 1#. This book has ranked high on the sales charts. Issue 1 was the 3rd best comic for Diamond in the month of January (behind Walking Dead 150# and Secret Wars 9#). Amazing taking the 11th spot for January. Now it should be said that issue one obviously has a first issue sales bump going for it but could it be possible that this title will be the number one selling spidey ongoing for awhile? Lets take a look at the second issue and see if the magic will go beyond issue 1

Plot Summery

Parker industries launches Webwear 2.0 software while Deadpool ponders to his wife the ethics behind his recent contract to kill Peter Parker. She convinces him to find out if peter truly is an evil man, then he can kill peter guilt free. Deadpool sets out to get spider-man’s attention since he doesn’t have his phone number but gets the wrong spider-man’s (Miles) notice instead. Soon Spider-man (peter) arrives to find out what Deadpool wants. Deadpool begins to ask about Peter Parker when the Spider-men accuse Deadpool of working with the suddenly attacking Goblin army. Deadpool who can’t see the goblins works out it’s a hallucination caused by Webwear 2.0 and dismantles the webshooters which where causing the visions. The three team up and head to parker industries to the source of this hallucinogenic signal affecting all Webwear users only to discover its mastermind Mysterio! They take care of him quickly by running him over with a car. Spider-man (Peter) thanks Deadpool for the assist and gives him his number to uses if he needs to contact him again. Deadpool takes advantage of lowered security at Parker Industries to investigate, finding a secret room were human beings are being cruelly tested on. Deadpool calls his contact and accepts the contract to kill parker and starts killing P.I. scientists as the issue draws to a close.


"I don't care what spider-verse you're from ... that's gotta hurt ! "

“I don’t care what spider-verse you’re from … that’s gotta hurt ! “

Cover Discussion

Lets get the worst part out of the way first. I dislike this cover. I don’t fell the sterile font of the Spider-man/Deadpool title in the top left corner captures the feel of the book. The giant half spider-man half Deadpool looks more like a smiley badge had something caught in his eye than an iconic symbol that one could see on t-shirts down the line. The artwork shows Spider-man and Miles Morales swing kicking Deadpool from a skyscraper while multiple goblins fly around below. At first this image didn’t bother me. At first glance I originally focused on the goblins and pondered the story possibilities. I had totally missed Miles being on it and was actually surprised when he turned up in the issue. With my second glance my attention was unfortunately drawn elsewhere. Deadpool on this cover looks odd. His kicked face makes him looks fat rather than injured and his shoulders and left and right legs look out of proportion with one another. I could not draw a better image than this myself but I am disappointed a talented superstar artist like Ed handed it in as a cover. Maybe he was rushed or other circumstances going on so I don’t want to knock him to badly for it unless we see it become a trend with future issues



Story Discussion

Wow! So the first thing I noticed upon closing the issue is A LOT happens in this comic. Joe Kelly is not telling a decompressed story at all. This could have been a whole arc/trade under some writers. On Several pages I thought surely I will see a ‘To be continued’ in the bottom corner but the story kept on going.


I was a little upset to see the opening page of the story focusing on Parker Industries (P.I). I was hoping this title would focus very minimally on Spider-man’s current continuity. My own issues with P.I stories aside I am happy with how Kelly handles Peter at P.I. What I mean by that is this does not seem like a scene you could just add any comic superhero billionaire too (Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne ect ) it is still the character of Peter with the classic ‘Parker luck’. Peter right before a press launch of webwear 2.0 spills his drink over his shirt, he tries to cover it with a tie made larger by multiple neck ties , when called out on it by the press he states it’s a “amasscot” and is the latest fashion trend but people just last at him making him feel like its high school all over again. Quite cleverly this Parker luck takes up much of your attention and I myself missed the ‘mcguffin’ of the issue’s plot right their with his new product Webwear 2.0. I found it interesting that Anna Maria was in this scene as it takes place in New York and I thought she was based at P.I London. I’m going to ‘no prize’ this as her being flown out for the product launch.


The next scene we see Peter swinging through New York feeling sorry for myself after being made a fool of. It felt like sliding into a warm bath. There was something comforting slipping out of globe trotting P.I stories and getting back to basic spider-man panel. I was delighted to see when peter arrives at the scene of the disturbance that it was at Rockefeller centre. I do think Time Square is a little over used by Marvel and always wondered why they didn’t use the 30 Rock location more.


I got to say I love the introductory banter between Deadpool and Miles Morales. For example DP: ‘You, sir are spider-adjacnt. Probably a clone. He has a thing for clones’. Miles:‘I am NOT a clone’. DP: ‘That’s what clones always say’.


The following battle between Spider-men v Deadpool v imaginary goblins is a fun scene. Little Easter eggs like the homeless men being three stooges while slapstick violence goes on around them. However I did find this scene confusing on my initial read through. It was a little hard to tell that only the Spider-men where seeing the goblins. This might have needed a few panels to help clarify. However all is redeemed by the vehicle deadpool used to leave 30 Rock and get the Spider-men to P.I HQ at the Baxter building … ‘The Dead-Buggy’. I know it’s a cheap joke but isn’t this ‘the thing’ we love about these comic crossovers. When they start playing in each other’s toy box us comic nerds get delighted.


It was nice getting another classic Spidey villain here in Mysterio and lets be honest who else would be behind a hallucination attack in a spider-man book. The battle is over quick with Deadpool running him over with the Dead-buggy. It should be noted that we don’t know if this is Beck or not, Kelly does choose to leave the identity of this Mysterio vague and I think that is the right choice as it may not be taken well but Mysterio super fans having him go out easier than if he was in a Kevin Smith book. Personally I read it as Beck and he just wasn’t expecting a car to come through the wall as it is not a regular Spidey battle MO .


Spider-man giving Deadpool his number at the end because Deadpool saved Mysterio’s life by performing CPR a little cheesy but I can see its value in bringing the two together for further adventures. (I did however feel it a bit of a dickish move for Peter to just watch and not use his new electric webs from issue 1# as an AED. But maybe between panels they check for a pulse and Deadpool just needed to provide oxygen to the airways).


The rest of the issue is Deadpool following his lead on Peter Parker performing experiments on humans for his client Patient Zero (who I believe is a new character but I could be wrong ) . I’m assuming every reader realizes its not the real Peter having these people tortured so the mystery remains about who is impersonating Peter and what is the connection to Patient Zero. While this Subplot doesn’t have Spider-man in it as of yet, it is probably the best ongoing story involving P.I. I can think of at the moment.

Actually ... this reveal wasn't that Mysterious !

Actually … this reveal wasn’t that Mysterious !

Art Discussion 

Ok so I might not have been kind to Ed McGuinness for the cover. His Interiors on the other hand are glorious. This guy can really nail the look of both main characters in this title. I am also really appreciating seeing Ed grow even more as an artist. One of the biggest complaints lobbed at Ed by his critics was that all his bodies looked the same. However in this book he proves those critics wrong. You could easily tell Peter from Miles if they where in silhouette in Ed’s art. My only character nitpick I have is that I felt Anna Marie was a little inconsistent facially. All in all though this book is stellar work and Ed should be very proud of it. Jason Keith also dose a stellar job on colours, Deadpool, Peter and Miles all use different reds on their costumes and it works so well to give them distinct characteristics.

Dead-Buggy ... living up to it's name

Dead-Buggy … living up to it’s name

Final Thought

So to sum it up despite a few minor nitpicks I do honestly believe this was a great second issue for the title. In fact I’d argue this issue was better than the first. It built the story, characters where even more on point, art was fantastic, and it is building my interest in what is to come in a way most comics just don’t any more… all this and I feel like a got a complete contained story for my money. With two solid issues and hype for Deadpool with the movie building to it’s release (movie comes out tomorrow at the time of writing this). I imagine this will remain a top Spidey book for awhile yet . High recommend for Spider-man (or Deadpool )fans


Rating A-

Something Rotten in Deadmark

Something Rotten in Deadmark

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(10) Comments

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  2. ChimichangaLover08

    My only gripe about the new Spider-Man/Deadpool buddy comic is that now thanks to this the amount of Spideypool fangirls will triple. They write good fanfics like Twilight fans and Stephanie Myers write good fanfics, except they actually butcher GOOD characters this time around

  3. Eddie Edmends - Post author

    Very true. ... and yes, seen it and loved it multiple times (advantage of being in Australia and my work i get to see films super early )

  4. ryan3178

    @6 Oh no, I understand your point, and it will be interesting to see what issues 2-3 rank next month. Also, if the Deadpool movie has any impact now that its out (Go SEE IT!)

  5. Eddie Edmends - Post author

    @ryan3178 it is for the first issue. Keeping in mind amazing has had 6 issues out already. still its impressive for a side title to outsell a main title. It is possible that will change with time. this is also just based off the diamond retail orders ranking. its not to say these titles are moving off shelves ( although in my area of Melbourne Australia i see more Amazing than Spider/DP sitting around ) its also just North America , not InternationalPersonally i don't care where it ranks compared to how good the story is. however it is nice to see for the creative team that their good work is being received well

  6. PeterParkerfan

    Just got this issue yesterday... and it was as entertaining as the previous issue. The Spider-Man/Deadpool interaction are gold. I laughed when Deadpool said "No big. Which is the guy code for Shut the **** Up"

  7. Eddie Edmends - Post author

    Spider-man mentions "Is that beck, Oh my god" . to me it is still a loose reading. I like to think it is to in my head canon . however I do think it is a genius of Kelly here is that any future writers could take it multiple ways.

  8. Big John

    Peter did make mention that this was Beck. And I think this is his first official resurgence in the main Marvel U since he was trapped in the Ultimate U in Spider-Men. His dialogue also vaguely suggests that he still knows Peter's true identity. I thought this was good use of continuity on Kelly's part: he's showing an awareness of it without shoving it in our faces. (*cough*Slott*cough*)

  9. Jack

    Mysterio being the bad-guy here tells me that the odds of the man in the red suit being Mysterio, over in ASM, just went way down.

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