Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2016 Toy Fair reveals


The New 12" Line It is that time of year again. Hasbro did have plenty of Spider-Man related product to show for their ever popular Marvel Legends Action Figure line …. But one major figure (expected to be shown today) was absent …

3.75″ Web Slingers Comic 2-Pack (Peter and Kaine) 

3.75″ Wave 2 Armored Spider-Man

3.75″ Wave 3 Hydro Man

3.75″ Wave 3 Morbius
12″ Marvel Legends Spider-Man (swappable heads and arms) 

6″ Marvel Legends Deadpool (kind of spider-verse now ???) 
6″ Marvel Legends Hobgoblin**
6″ Marvel Legends Silk
6″ Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales*
6″ Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Peter Parker*

Interesting absence is the lack of Civil War Spider-man figures in either basic Civil War line or the Marvel legends line. Now a lot of these lines are only partial amounts of the Waves that are going to be released. Very likely hasbro will add figures in as studio lets them reveal the image. 

*brand new “young boy” buck tooled for these figures 

** head shown in Hasbro image is different to the one seen on the showroom floor. Possible Hobgoblin will have swappable head 

Web warriors

armoured spider-man

3.75 Hydro-Man

Morbius 3'75

12" Marvel legends Spider-man





Miles morales

Ultimate SM

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