Near-Mint Amazing Fantasy #15 Auctioned Off For…..

Amazing Fantasy 15

Will the one you bought this masterpiece fess up and make themselves known, for if you recall, 10 days ago I reported that a 9.4 graded copy of the of the 1962 FIRST appearance of Spider-Man was to be auctioned off, well thanks to Comic Book Resources we now know what it went for which was

$454,100 or £318,280

And according to Comic Book Resources this wasn’t the first time a Near-Mint copy was sold, according to The Associated Press notes another copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 fetched $1.1 million/£770,992 in a private sale in 2011.

And while we don’t know who the buyer is, We do know it was sold by 60-year-old Walter Yakaboski of Middle Island, New York, who bought it for $1,200 in 1980, and due to circumstances, has to sell off some of his vintage comics collection.

When asked for a quote by the Riverhead News-Review, he told them “You can’t hold on to something forever”.



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  1. Mark Alford

    I bought it. I needed it to go with the Amazing Fantasy 15 staples I bought off of Ebay a while back. :) I've already amended my will to have me encased in mylar while holding the issue when I'm buried. Anyone who says you can't hold onto it forever is a quitter!

  2. ryan3178

    There is such an irony to him saying: "You can't hold on to things forever." When he is trying to keep the family farm and he has been laid off from his job. I mean, for just under a half million, if that would have been me I would have paid off all my debt. Set up Tyler's college fund and still have money left over as semi retirement and pay off my parents mortgage. But, it was his comic and his life, so if he wants to try and keep the family farm going, then by all means, good for you.

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