All-new, All-different Avengers #6 Ryan’s Review

5064578-06Kang the Conqueror has the Avengers on the ropes thanks to the Vision, but Miles Morales, saves the day. No really!

WRITER: Mark Waid

ARTIST: Mahmud Asrar


LETTERER: VC’s Cory Petit


EDITOR: Axel Alonso

STORY: With the Vision revealed to be mind controlled by Kang, the Conqueror the Avengers are divided and on the edge of the defeat. Luckily, Miles Morales, better known as Spider-Man knows how to save the day. With quick thinking, Miles takes out Kang’s forces allowing the newly return Ms. Marvel and Nova to fight Kang long enough for Iron Man to bring the Vision back to his senses and push back the Time Lord to defeat (Yes, that is a Dr. Who reference and yes, it’s in the book).


Why can’t Peter be like this?

THOUGHTS: Mark Waid, why did it take you the last two issues instead of the first three issues to make you want to pick up this book regularly? This was the book I have been expecting to see All-new, All-Different Avengers to be. You have a classic feel to the book, but with a mix of old and new and even new spins on classic characters. Against a classic villain, who has a very intersting plan and situation to boot. Everything is nicely lined up by Waid, including closing up subplots from the FCBD issue of Avengers. While everyone is on point in this issue, Miles Morales steals the show. How he figures out how to use his spider sense to defeat Kang’s forces or how he rallys the rest of the team to fight against Kang. It’s amazing and his friendship shines through with Ms. Marvel and Nova, but also finds a new friendship with Jane Foster/Thor. I even love the Dr. Who reference on how Kang is defeated and Thor looks at Miles with a: “You’re a nerd, but I like you.” Look.

FullSizeRender 2

I’m Miles and I will be the Spider-Man you have been asking for.

  The artwork by Asrar is stellar, I love the use of his faces and body language during the emotional moments between Thor and Sam Wilson/Cap and the final scene between the two is extremely touching and almost heartbreaking. Well done team, I think you finally found your niche, too bad it took almost 6 issues, but this is a very good book thanks to this story arc. So, bring on issue 7 and Avengers Standoff.


Book Grade: A-

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