KC Undercover to Play Michelle Gonzales?

05c62dcd9517ac01712f74d63509f6b6 1132205-mu6083Deadline is reporting that actress Zendaya has been cast in the 2017 Spider-Man reboot film. The report says she will play a character by the name of Michelle. Zendaya is currently playing KC in the KC Undercover series on the Disney channel. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see her as Michelle Gonzales? She’s been out of the comics for several years now, here’s a refresher. 

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  1. Cruz Zurin

    In issue #2, Miles asks a question, a question many of us have asked. He's young and he is trying to figure it out. In my opinion, it is story and character appropriate. I knew some would read into it. I knew it would be interpreted by others because it's a good question with no easy answer.

  2. Sano

    If they want to take the character and make her a high school student or even a love interest for just this film I'm fine with that. So long as it falls apart in this film or at the start of the next film. It's all good.Betty Brant, Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane were not in Spider-Man's first appearance. Sure Liz Allen was there, but that never worked out.What makes Spider-Man special (well, before OMD) is that MJ was not in his first appearance and that's who he winds up with. Lois Lane was always there for Superman. It makes Spidey's journey more interesting and realistic. I did not marry my high school sweetheart or anyone I met 10 years ago. Most people haven't I'm sure.Whatever the outcome, I'm going to stay positive. No Avi Arad influence!!!! I'll worry about the Venom film that he's all over and call it a 'happy' day with anything regarding the new Spider-Man.

  3. powerpackers90

    If this is who I think it is from the comics. NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Really out of every woman in the Spider-man books, Gwen, MJ, Cat, Betty, Liz Allen, Sissy Ironwood, That new chick in the books with the dying mother who is so unimportant I cant think of her name, and hell even Carlie Cooper, which pains me to even say this, but Carlie is a better pick, then his psycho ex roommate asshole Michelle. (Sarcasm cause we dont know yet. "Wow give Marvel the rights to use Spider-man, and they might pick a BND Era person over MJ. What a shock." again, Sarcasm cause we dont know yet.)

  4. Jack

    I sure hope they're not trying to mine BND for characters, especially since they're reverting Peter back to high school (so as to make mucho-maximum movies out of the young actor portraying Peter before he grows up-and-out of the part), and none of the BND characters fit that time-frame. And the fact that BND was pretty bad. Idk what they did with her in DD, but Michelle Rodriguez was an unlikeable Latina cliche.

  5. xonathan

    Another point. Every time the producers use a fake name for someone's casting it's been for the main villain. Talia, Khan, and Blofeld have been the examples. Has this happened for a supporting character? In that case, this would be the first example. Could Michelle be a villain? :O

  6. xonathan

    @17. Actually yes. OK maybe not. But they didn't have to do the Chinese stereotype. They already had created a great modern, relevant, and non-insulting version of the Mandarin with Sir Ben Kingsley's portrayal and it was awesome. Why pull the rug underneath with the "I'm an Act-OR" BS? Why did they let the director stray so much away from the character (again, being Osama Bin Laden whanna-be was great, puppet actor for generic-rich-white guy-that-hates-Tony again, not)?@18 As for the Ant Man, I guess until the script is not leaked I'll never know (has it leaked). I just know that I like Wright's direction and his movies always have a "flavor" to it that would have given the otherwise generic Ant Man something to remember. Let's remember, he didn't stray much from Scott Pilgrim lest the ending.@20 Interesting. But maybe she doesn't know about Michelle. Or maybe like Al suggested, it's a reworked version of the BND Michelle.

  7. eSoldier

    Sure, why not. She kind of looks the part if indeed the character she will be playing is Michelle Gonzalez. Also, It doesn't mean that the character will be a romantic interest.

  8. Kayla

    @#15: Maybe, I should have added Zendaya wouldn't have gone for this part otherwise, she left a lead role in a TV movie, b/c of her controversy casting in it, I doubt she'll want to be involved in a blatant one.

  9. Spider-Dad

    Hopefully the name "Michelle" is just a placeholder instead of one of the worst Spider-Man supporting cast characters of all time. This would be a shame, when more prominent characters like Betty Brant, Liz Allen and even Glory Grant are barely shown, or not even referenced.Just like the Webb version of Spider-Man, I am not getting a good vibe on this reboot of a reboot...

  10. Al

    @#15: Wright's unique vision of Ant-Man sucked shit. What we got might've been generic but it was comparatively a lot closer to the Ant-Man comics than what Wright was doing. I don't want to see filmmaker's unique visions in these movies I want to see the source material replicated in live action in 90 mins-3 hours as authentically as possible.As for the Mandarin I stand by they could have made a character who sidestepped horrible racist stereotypes but still fulfilled the same functions as the Mandarin. All you really needed to do was make him someone who harnessed what he thought was ancient magic/technology int he form of 10 rings and then use them in a grudge match against Tony to kick his ass. And maybe he happened to be Asian, but that's it. That's all the Mandarin needed to be. 10 magic rings + kicks iron Man's ass.As for this news:My speculations:a) This is Disney corporate synergy (I doubt this but just throwing it out there) b) Michelle might be an original character intended to add some diversity to the cast of Peter’s high school (she is the same age as Holland so I doubt she isn’t going to be a student) c) Michelle is an original character to serve a role in the story, potentially as a superfluous love interest until we get to the canon ones later on d) Michelle will in fact be playing a very reworked version of Michele Gonzales who’s retroactively inserted into Peter’s cast either as a love interest or as again someone to add some characters to the high school supporting cast, not dissimilar to Sajani in Robbie Thompson’s Spidey ongoing e) Michelle is a codename assigned to the character in press releases because she will actually be playing a canon character such as Mary Jane. Basically what happened when Marion Cotillard played ‘Miranda Tate’ in the Dark Knight Rises or when Christoph Waltz played ‘Franz Oberhauser’ in Spectre when really they were playing Talia and Blofeld. f) Michelle will be a ‘stage name’ for Mary Jane to go by so she can be referred to in the movie without anyone suspecting anything. In the modern age of social media it has become difficult to replicate the classic Mary Jane subplot from the 1960s which culminated with her big reveal and Peter being shocked by her subverting his expectations. Nowdays Peter could, unless you contrive a reason in the plot, simply look up Mary Jane Watson on the internet and find images of her ruining the surprise. But by having her be simply ‘Michelle’ it makes it harder for Peter to find out what she looks like and similarly can misdirect the audience, especially those only familiar with Dunst’s MJ.

  11. hornacek

    @15 - Would IM3 have been better with the 60s comics Mandarin with all the dated Asian stereotypes?\As for Ant-Man, as awesome as an 100% Edgar Wright Ant-Man would be, these are Marvel's characters. If Wright had created this character he should be able to make the movie however he wants. But he was hired by Marvel to help interpret an existing comic character to the big screen. They wanted his talent and style on the film, but they have the right to step in and say "Hey, you are straying too far from how we want the character portrayed. You are the writer/director, but we are the producers, we own the character." When you're hired by Marvel to make a movie, you're making THEIR movie, not YOUR movie.(and I know nothing about what Wright's version of the script/movie would have been, I just know he left the project and was replaced)

  12. xonathan

    @13 You mean the same Marvel that gave us the Mandarin fiasco in IM3? The same Marvel that sacrificed Edgar Wright's unique vision of Ant Man for a generic run-of-the-mill superhero flick? As long as it makes $$$ they don't care

  13. Jason

    I'm so glad I'm close to completing my Spidey comic book collection (main titles anyway). This way I an immerse myself in the real life of Peter Parker. I need to escape this nonsense.

  14. hornacek

    Given the current "Spidey" book I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel has Michelle be retconned to have met Peter in high school.

  15. PeterParkerfan

    Ugh, I think I'll pass. I didn't like Michelle in the comic book and I don't think putting her in the movie is a good idea.

  16. hornacek

    Was anyone asking Marvel Studios to include Michelle Gonzales in the new film? I guess they want a different love interest than MJ and Gwen, but I would rather have Cissy Ironwood.

  17. jvl1031

    I'll put this as simply as I can, Brad. No, I don't want to see her play Michelle Gonzales.

  18. Frontier

    She's in the right age group for Holland but putting Michelle Gonzales in a high school Spider-Man movie just seems really odd, especially since it seems like she's in a major role (possibly as the female lead).Honestly, from what I've seen of her, I think Zendaya could actually do a pretty good Mary Jane.

  19. Aziz

    Time to do some bitching. This is my nightmare. Aaaahhhh, I really dislike Michelle Gonzalez. And with the writers of current flop 'Vacation" on board, it's not really something to look forward to.

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