Paul Ryan, Artist For Peter and Mary Jane’s Wedding, Has Died Aged 66


It has been reported by multiple comic news outlets, including Bleeding Cool, that Paul Ryan, the Artist of the landmark Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, which featured the wedding of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson has passed away at the age of 66.

Paul Ryan was also the penciller on The Amazing Spider-Man Sunday comic strip from 1992 to 1995, written by Stan Lee, inked by Joe Sinnott, and distributed by King Features.

His cousin, Chad Callanan, had this to say on Facebook,

It is with sad news I report the passing of my cousin Paul. Chances are you were touched by him in your lifetime as he was the cartoonist for some of the most well known and beloved characters in the world. From Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, The Phantom to the Fantastic Four, most of which made it to the big screen and Hollywood. He was a true giant and artist, who achieved more success in his short life than any one of us would ever know in ten lifetimes. But he was also my friend and that was good enough.


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  1. Aziz

    I'm trying to remember what Wally West Flash comics were drawn by him. Maybe the wedding of Wally's mom to that agent we never saw again.He died young. Hats off to one of the most underrated comic artists.

  2. captain frugal

    This is a sad day in Spider history, but for some reason I cannot remember it. Did someone make a deal that I should know about?To be serious I wish his family well during sad time.

  3. hornacek

    This is sad to hear. I primarily associate him with his epic run on Fantastic Four, was not aware of his Spidey work on the Sunday strip or the wedding annual.As much as I love the wedding issue, before hearing this news I probably couldn't have told you who drew it. But it's very well drawn for an issue where not much actually happens, artistically speaking (i.e. a couple gets cold feet before they get over it and get married).

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